Monday, September 7, 2009


Jared and I tailgating
Steph and I
Boogie, Heather, me, Anna, Brita and Effie before the game
The boys swimming the boat back to the dock..
battery died in the middle :)

Doing our part to get the boat back!
Anna about to jump off a dock
She made it!
One night last week... Charlie came over
for some ice cream!

This is what our bed looks like when I unpack... then repack for 12 days!


Jared and I made our way to Little Rock on Friday to get ready for the first game! As most of you know, he is absolutely crazy over the Razorbacks... in fact, we have decided to go to every game this year (other than Florida, because we have plans that weekend).... He has always wanted to do this and since he is done with school, we figure this is the perfect (only) year that we could... so I guess we will :)

We spent the night with Jared's family on Friday night and had a lovely time. We went to dinner with the entire fam and stayed up late visiting. Then we got up early on Saturday and tailgated It was a blast seeing all of my besties and cheering on the hogs. Our favorite time of year is officially here.

We woke up Sunday and went to Hot Springs to go on the lake with all of our buddies. We finally got everyone all ready and out on the boat just in time for the battery to die.. the poor boys had to swim the boat back to the house. It was hilarious!! We ate a wonderful meal that Anna's Aunt Suzy made and drank wine with Anna's family and our friends. We always stay at Anna's fabulous lake house when we are there, but this time they had a lot of family and friends in town. So Anna's mom got us a hotel room at a hotel nearby.... We arrived there (Anna, Drew, Brita, Cam, Jared and I) and we were all in one room. We will just say it may have been the funniest night of my life. I love all of them so much. One of my favorite quotes is "if you have one true friend, you have more than your share" and I feel so blessed because I know that I have way more than my share.

Tomorrow I fly to LA for the next 12 days... I am really excited and sad at the same time. I will be home sick and miss Jared terribly :( Hopefully I will be home before I know it. It will help that Jess and mom will be there for the weekend!!!! Cant wait for that.

Off to

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!!