Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wooo Pig Sooie!

Mark, Daddy and Jared
Jared, Jimbo and Jordan

Jared and I

Go Casey!

So, it's finally here! The first Razorback game has officially come and gone... what a close call! We started the day about 11 am at Jess and Mark's house with bar-b-q and drinks. Then we headed down to the stadium and made the rounds. We ended up selling our tickets and sitting with Jimbo and our new friend, Andrew. Andrew is a urology resident in KC and he and Jimbo grew up together. We had a great time with them, thanks for the tickets guys! The poor kids that Jared sold our tickets to seriously over payed! He could sell glasses to a blind person!! Anyway, we enjoyed the game and then continued to tailgate until about midnight at the Boerner's apartment. We missed you Steph!! Poor Andrew ended up answering medical questions for about an hour after all the boys had been "overserved", it went from bad to worse. Being the only girl there, I was ready to head home! It was great to see all of our friends this weekend, we look forward to all the weekends to come! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day, I will be relaxing and working on my tan for two days, can't wait!!
Here are a couple pics from game day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back To School Party

Trish singing, she knew every single word!
Jeannie, D'Andre, Missy and Davis
Just hanging out
Me, Billy, Lisa, Amie, Fraiser, Daniel and Stella
Billy, Lisa and Amie

Here are a few pics from our "Back to School Party" that we had with our Lifestyles friends at Gulley Park on Thursday. I met all these great people through my friend, Jeannie, about a year ago. Since then, we have done a few "While You Were Outs" for them and I have got to know them through that. Jeannie has a get together for them every couple of months, this is the first one that I had been able to go to and it was so much fun! We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and had some snacks for them. They sang karaoke and danced under the gazebo! They are all such great people and I love watching them have such a fun time. I'm looking forward the pumpkin carving party with them in October!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home again, home again!

Mom, Dad and I
Part of the fam

The cake, so pretty!

Mom and I at the wedding
Mom and Daddy
My cousin, Scott, waiting for his bride! So sweet!
My cousin Jen and I
Uncle David and my Daddy. They are always
misbehaving when they are together! It's hilarious!

We made it back from my cousin's wedding in Toledo! It was just my mom, dad and I that went and we had a great time together! (Jared had class and Jess and Mark weren't up for taking the baby so far). We had so much fun getting to catch up with all the family and my cousin Scott was so happy to be getting married! I got to see my cousin, Jen, who is just 4 months older than me and was a bridesmaid in our wedding. She is so much fun and we are so much alike that it is scary, really. Every time we see each other, which is not enough because she lives in Atlanta, we realize we have been doing/reading/watching/eating the exact same things!! Very odd... they all say that we get our personalities and "spitefullness" from our grandmother. Probably so!
Now we are just looking forward to football season! Less than a week away and we cant wait! I just finished a book this evening that I started on the plane and I want to write about it later, I'm too tired tonight!
Update on Lucky: he is still doing about the same. He didn't look to good to me today when I got home, Jared said he is hanging in there. We haven't had his tummy drained again, I don't know if we will because Dr. Derek said that it is really painful and it doesn't cure the problem. So sad! I'll keep you posted. I'm off to bed, hope that everyone has a fabulous week!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Look!

Looking off the balcony when we got there
In front of an aquarium
Going to dinner
My cute husband!
One of my favorite pics of us... we were at our favorite restaurant
in the resort, makes me want to go back!!

These are pics that I was looking at earlier tonight from our Honeymoon! It seems like it was just yesterday and it has almost been 2 years! We went to our friend's wedding this last weekend and I have another one this weekend, all these weddings make me think of ours and how much fun it was. It's funny how you view weddings differently after you have planned one, you just appreciate everything and notice the details a whole lot more than before! I love when I go to weddings and see a lot of great, new ideas and decorations. In hindsight, I wouldn't have changed a thing about ours, it was the best day of my life! For all of you out there that haven't had yours yet, the best advice I received was to try and remember every little detail of the day and night, otherwise it will seem like a blurry whirlwind.. I remembered that my mom had told me that so I tried to take everything in and I can still remember every little thing about the day! Anyway,... I have changed up the look of the blog once again. When I don't have a lot going on at night, I find time for things like this! A few weeks ago, when I had the decorating projects, it kept me sooo busy. Since then, there were a few weeks where we had a lot to do in the evenings, but this week, we have the Olympics and that's about it! It's weeks like these that make me get baby fever REAL bad! I keep telling Jared that we have all this time.... Next week I will probably have changed my mind (not on the baby fever, that pretty much stays, but on the thinking we have a lot of free time) :)
Anyway, I figured out how to add this background and not have it erase all my widgets... if anyone needs help, let me know and I'll tell you how to do it! I think it really makes it look snazzy!! :)

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous week!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Wild Weekend!

Sarah, me, Allison and Anna at the wedding Jared and I :)

Molly, me, Anna and Effie
Hanging out on Friday
My nephew, Charlie and I with Anna
The pros!! We look very official!

This weekend was the start of many, many busy weekends to come. This coming weekend I am flying to Detroit for my cousin's wedding and then the most crazy time of our year will begin... Razorback Football!
We had such a good time with our friends this weekend, I get sad when they leave! I am so glad that I will get to see them a lot in the upcoming months for football! Here are a few pics from the weekend.
The DRJ tournament was such a great time! It is so great that everyone was there to play for David and remember all the good times!! We definitely made some great memories there this weekend!! I thought we did so well!! We made it to the finals on Saturday afternoon and then we were defeated!!!! Molly and I really wanted a gold medal but we ended up with silver :) The women we played had the best serves I have ever seen, they kept flying past us!! It makes me laugh out loud writing about it because we really were embarrassed in the beginning. I was so hot and dizzy and trying so hard to concentrate. I kept trying to encourage Molly and it was seriously like we just couldn't pull it together. We kept hitting the ball outside the court or to the court next to us and saying "Sorry, sorry, sorry." If I had a dollar for all the times we said sorry!!! So funny! It really made me want to get better at tennis... maybe we will get really good over the next year and take the gold in 2009!!
The wedding Saturday night was so beautiful and Bethany and Adam were so happy! I am so excited for them! Congrats Bethany and Adam!
I got caught up on the usual things today and went shopping with my sister, we had a lovely afternoon! Jared taught me how to play Risk tonight and even though he claimed to be really good and I had never played, I won! :) Now we are off to bed to watch the Olympics.
Whatever will we do when the Olympics are over???!
Hope that everyone has a great week!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekly Activities

I have been picking up the house and washing all the linens for all the company we have coming this weekend. We are SOOOO excited to see all of our friends this weekend. We are planning on having dinner on Friday and then the tournament is Saturday! I'm as ready for it as I am going to be. I am excited about watching some of the people that are really good. My friend and coworker, Jeannie is such a great tennis player and I can't wait to watch her play. She is good inspiration for people like me!
After the tournament, our friends Bethany and Adam are getting married! I know that the wedding will be beautiful and fun, we are looking forward to it!
Tonight we are having dinner with my parents to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary, which was this past Saturday. They are such good role models for Jared and I! 33 years is a long time and you would think they were married yesterday. I'm a lucky girl to have them as my parents, they have taught me so much over the years! Happy Anniversary Mom and Daddy!
Off to dinner, Im in charge of the bread and dessert, better get started!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun Fun!!

We had a great weekend around here. Friday night Jared and I went on a date and had a blast! He said for me to have the best weekend ever because before long our weekends will be scheduled around Razorback Football, which I always love, just not as much as he does :) Then Saturday I did something that needed to be done for quite some time, I cleaned out my closet!! My bestie, Monica (Mo) and her husband Joseph came up on Saturday and since it was yucky outside, we just hung out at the house. She helped me clean my closet for several hours and her honesty was such a huge help because she would tell me it was time to let certain items go... that's what you need in times like this, an honest friend. We actually laughed really hard at some of the things in my closet, and the boys didn't hesitate to add their comments either. Ha!Then the four of us went to an engagement party for our life long friends, Mary and Clark. After the party, we went out and met a bunch of other friends. This morning we went to brunch and then drove around town and looked at houses and new additions that they hadn't seen yet. It was a great time!
Update on my hobbies- blogging is going very well... I think this is a great hobby and it doesn't cost a thing! What a deal. As for tennis, Jared and I have been playing in the street in the evenings and it is very comical. I have found that people who play tennis are pretty into it. When I talk about it, they always say, "I didn't know you played tennis, where do you play??" Then I reply, "in the street in front of my house." It is really funny actually, it's definitely not anything official as of yet. One of these days I am going to take lessons. Unfortunately the tournament is right around the corner (like 6 days from now) and my skills are severely underdeveloped! Sorry Molly, hope you weren't wanting a trophy! We will have fun though, and that's what it's about!
Update on Lucky-- still doing about the same, his tummy is full again, so we will be calling the vet tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who is thinking of him!
Here are a few pics from the weekend, had fun with all of you!!!
Have a great week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucky Update

Lucky has been doing okay the past couple of days... he has had swelling in his legs really bad and Dr. Derek said this is because his heart is barely working and the circulation is really bad. He doesn't seem to be in any pain though which is the good part about it. He has been really, really spoiled this week with rawhides and sleeping in Mom and Dad's room, (he normally sleeps in the laundry room). Louie is not sure about him sleeping in here with us, he gets all the way under the bed and sticks his head out and stares at Lucky, wish I could get a picture of it. He is like "what are YOU doing in here?" I asked Jared if he thinks Louie knows that Lucky isnt feeling well and we decided that he doesn't.. or maybe he does and just doesn't know how to treat the sick :)?? Anyway, we have been pretty sad about him but are hoping for the best. Please say a prayer for him!
I have had something going on every night this week and poor Jared has eaten take-out four nights in a row and has been feeling pretty sorry for himself :) He always milks it for all its worth when I am gone at night, I do adore how much he needs me around! He and I have a fun weekend planned and I am so ready for it!!! Hope everyone has a great one!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Jared and Lucky at the lake
Jared and Lucky, such a good one of both of them!

Jess and I at dinner. Happy Birthday Jess!

Jared and Mark at Jess' Bday dinner

Me with Harley and Louie. Harley is my parent's yorkie that we
got my mom for her birthday! So cute!
Charlie standing on my legs
Charlie with his mimi, momma and aunt sarah
Jared and his look alike brother, Jordan. I think
they are twins that are six years apart! How cute!

Friday was a sad day for us because we took our eight year old lab, Lucky, to the vet to find out that he has congestive heart failure :( We were so sad to find out that it was something so serious. Jared and I knew that something was really wrong with him because his belly was really swollen, evidently this is because of his heart failure... there is not any medicine that can fix it but he had his belly drained on Friday, they got 8 pounds of fluid! Poor thing! We are just hoping for the best and keeping him comfortable in the mean time. It has been so hard on me to see Jared upset about him- he loves him so much ! It breaks my heart. We took him to Lake Fayetteville Saturday morning really early before it got hot out because the lake is his favorite thing. I think he had fun, as for me, I cried the whole time.... but he and Jared enjoyed it.
On a happier note, we celebrated Jess' 28th birthday on Saturday by lounging at the pool all day and having a lovely dinner at Bonefish. It was a great time and we ate way too much. Dad was running a fever on Saturday so he and mom weren't able to go with us, we missed them, it's not the same unless all of us are there! But Jess had a great birthday nonetheless and Charlie was on best behavior at dinner. Jess says that he likes to go out to eat because that is all they did when she was pregnant! Must be the case!
Today we literally bummed around at the pool ALL day!! I swam laps, jumped off the diving board over and over again and had a water fight with the rest of the family in the pool. It was a blast. Then we finished off the weekend with stuffing ourselves at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Now everyone is sleepy and ready for bed!
Here are a few pics from the weekend! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!