Sunday, January 17, 2010

splish splash.

these cutie swimsuits are from j. crew and old navy. i purchased the first black ruffly one and it is cute.. but small!! if you order it from old navy (they don't have it in the store), order a size above what you normally wear.

as i just typed that... i wondered, sh**, maybe it's just that i am a size bigger than i was last year and the suit it true to size. hmmm.

speaking of. i have 37 days to get that swimsuit to go from not enough coverage to full coverage and since the swimsuit isn't going to grow... i need to shrink!

jared and i booked a getaway to mexico in february and i can hardly wait!

hope everyone has a lovely week. i am off for MLK day tomorrow for the first time ever! love this company!


Monday, January 11, 2010


one of my ultra lovely christmas gifts this year from mom and daddy was a sewing machine. my mom and dad kept saying that they were so excited because daddy had come up with a fabulous gift for me. this is really funny because dad is not the most creative in the gift department. even though he has lived with all women for years, he typically left the gift buying up to mom.
anyway, he did good this year and i love my machine. i haven't taken lessons yet, i just went to a quick overview to learn how to use my machine.
all i know is that sewing is something that i always thought was super hard and intimidating, and even though i don't consider myself an expert.... i must say my panels and shams turned out just as i wanted them to.
i told jess that a monkey could sew if they had the right machine :)
point is... if you think you need a new hobby and are interested in sewing, go get a machine, a quick lesson, some fabric and thread and you'll be amazed at what you can do!
hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Monday, January 4, 2010

date night.

these lovely items are from

i really put this one on here because of this woman's arms. these arms alone have become a new years goal for me. the next few are from banana republic. i love that green dress!

this black dress is by blaquelabel. you can get their line at

love this dress from urban outfitters. i picked it up when i was in kc and it fits
really well.
solution: a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem
(or) a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner
the latter of the two is what i plan to do this year. i didnt have any problems last year that need resolved this year, instead, i want to decide to change different behaviors. i think that is what most of us mean by ::resolution::
one thing i want to start doing more this year is having a date night with jared. sure, in the past, we have had tons of date nights and we have even had a day declared as that each week from time to time. this year, i want to try out new places and new things. if you know jared and i at all, you know we are by definition, creatures of habit, and maybe we are missing out on things we don't even know about. this is probably a stretch, but you get the point. i'll keep you posted on our new adventures :)
hope all is well.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


its a weird thing that my last post was 10.25.09 and now its 01-03-10. i dont know how many days that is, but its quite a few :)
i would like to say that i have been doing something out of the ordinary, like traveling the world, and that is what has kept me away. not. the. case.
i have been doing all of the normal stuff, other than blogging.
so. here is the deal with the blog for 2010 and the reason i started to dislike this whole thing last year.
i found myself pressured to write on this old thing and upload every last picture of every last thing that i had been up to. not sure why, but this was the deal nevertheless.
this year my blog will be: different. written on whenever i get around to it. happy. uplifting. positive. stylish.
cheers to 2010. may it be the best yet.