Monday, November 28, 2011

catch up... and NINE months!

my sweet, sweet boy's best cheesy smile :)bennett and his ebbie at the so carolina gamethis picture CRACKS me up!! look at those faces.

think they

are a lot alike?!?! id say so.kisses from his big boy standing by himself!
im positive that this is the most angelic face i have ever seen. ever.

headed south for turkey day part 2this boy can EAT!!!!

turkey day part 1 is below (with mimi and poppy)

and with turkey day coming and going.... we are

in full christmas mode.

bennett helping daddy and i decorate his first christmas tree!!! helping mommy sew a tree skirt... he was adding the last tid bit of ribbon ;)my santa babyhungry boy!

baby bennett is nine months old!! we were at jared's parents for thanksgiving on his nine month birthday, so i havent done his photo shoot yet, i'll do that tomorrow :)

bennett was sick for the first time a couple weeks ago... he had little bugs here and there in the past, but nothing like this. i consider this the first time he was sick, sick.. and he was 8 1/2 months old. i am just thankful he wasnt 8 1/2 weeks old when he got this nasty stuff. he had a runny nose, turned ear infection, turned croup, turned double ear infection... yuck! thank GOD that i have my mom to help me out or i would have been off work for at least a week. what a saint she is. his poor little ear was so infected that he had to get rocephin shots. that was awful. the nurse said that they hurt really bad, and from my experience, when a nurse says that, it must be true. anyway, he started to feel better after countless late nights, antibiotics, steamy bathrooms, warm baths and cups of chicken noodle soup. all the things that mommies (and mimi's) are for.

thankful that the sickness has passed, we have decided to not take him back to his school this year. he was going on tues/thurs and my mom has him (and cousin ollie) the other days. we made the decision that mom will keep him 5 days a week until we are off work for Christmas. luckily, i am off for 2 1/2 weeks so it will be here before we know it... {which reminds me of all of the things i need to do in that short amount of time}.

we had the best thanksgiving. we got to spend time with both of our families and lots of time with our baby bear. we have a lot to be thankful for this year. items making the top of my list: a healthy and happy baby boy, a husband that i love more than ever, a wonderful family, great friends, a new home, good jobs and a successful business. i think that this is way more than i could ever ask for and i thank the Lord above for every one of those things. life is sweet!

SO... at nine months, here is what our angel has been up to:

--- he is sleeping better, still in his crib in our room... the family bedroom, if you will ;)

--- he is eating like a piglet. i shop for him at the health food store and usually offer a meat, carb, fruit and veggie for each meal (other than bfast, where he has yogurt and cereal). and lately, at dinner, he just eats whatever i fix for jar and i.... he loves spaghetti, green beans, lasagna, chicken dishes, etc. he has surprised us at what a good eater he has become!

--- he is wearing some 12-18 month clothes. which makes me terribly sad. size 4 dipey. he weighs 20 1/2 pounds now.

--- he says 'momma' 'bye bye' and 'ball' still working on daddy... which i find funny considering how he prefers his daddy 100 times to my 1. correction: jared just said he thinks his 'bye bye' is actually him saying 'da da', so we will go with that. ;)

--- he stands by himself and cruises around furniture. he took his first step on his nine month bday! i can tell he wants to let go and take off, but doesnt quite have the confidence yet.

--- he still likes to play ball, give kisses, belly laugh when tickled, yell like a little indian, play peek a boo, and his new favorite, tug at the Christmas tree and laugh hysterically.

--- he plays well with his cousin and they are the best of friends. you can tell that ollie is used to playing with big brother and not much phases him... bennett needs to be around his big cousin more to stay tough!

in other news, we are just preparing for christmas by decorating, shopping and listening to christmas carols. i cannot wait for bennett's first christmas!!!!!!! makes me so excited and totally changes the feeling of christmas for me. we want him to know the true meaning of christmas and we explain the nativity set to him that sits on our hearth. he just laughs and tries to put baby Jesus in his mouth. doesnt hurt to try though :)

i will post pics of him in his nine month onesie soon!

we hope that you all had a very blessed thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bennett's first halloween

getting ready to go to the fall carnival

{a very classic bennett face}

our friend, liza, rocking her costume

our cousins, lightning mcqueen

and ollie the lion

little foofa. look at those eyes!!

bennett and miller at the triplet's party!!

costume #2

bennett, miller and eli. how cute are they? seriously.

win, eli, knox, miller and bennett.

a first halloween for all these boys!

my little turtle.

with auntie candice... cheesin it up

with lots of our favorites!

after we left the triplets party, we stopped by kate and jason's

to see even more kiddos..... this was the only pic i got

im surprised i was able to snap this one.... this boy can run and play.

sweet mccoy!

we finished up the evening handing out candy in
aunt jess and uncle mark's front yard...

this was our best pic of the boys.. they were worn out at this point!

just a random pic of my happy boy..... .... and a piggy face to say good night to all and to all a good night.

xoxo, sarah

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

eight months.

my whole life i have been obsessed with babies. literally, my entire life. every year when i was a little girl, i would ask my mom and dad for a baby brother or sister for christmas. sadly, i never got what i wanted {not true, but true in this sense} ;)

then when i realized i wasnt ever getting a baby brother or sister, the next baby in my life was my nephew, charlie. he was, and still is, the most precious thing to me. after that, it seems like i have been so blessed to have many babies enter my life. my sister had oliver, and many of my dearest friends have had babies. how can we be the age that we all have our own babies?

not a day goes by that i dont look at bennett and for a split second think 'is he really my baby??' it seems too good to be true at times. it's sort of like all of the build up of planning a wedding. then when the wedding arrives, the bride tries to take it all in and enjoy every second, all the while thinking that it is finally here and that this is the big day. i sort of feel like that as a mother. except it's not just one day, its everyday. every single day something changes with him. he grows, he has a different expression, he likes a new food, he looks at me different... he crawls, he pulls up, etc. it is like if i were to miss a day of his life, i would for sure miss something. i try sooooo very hard to take it all in and to realize that he will only be this little for a very short period of time.

i cannot believe he is eight months old today. it has been the best eight months of my life. i feel like a different person since i had him. everything i do, feel, think is centered around him and his well being. of course, i do a lot of things without him but i am always thinking of him, planning something for him, worrying about him, etc. he is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. and i love him with everything i have.

here is what that little monkey has been up to:

- he weighs just over 20 pounds

- he still takes 35-40 ounces a day. the boy loves his bottle and i love that he loves his bottle :)

- he isnt a great eater. he is pretty picky

- he eats some baby food and some table food, if it is a teeeensy weeensy piece

- he is wearing 6-12 month clothes

- he is crawling at the speed of light (started crawling on september 28, 7 months)

- he is pulling up on everything!!

- he started walking around furniture on october 23 and is now obsessed with that

- he likes his bath time and all of the toys he plays with in there

- he is going to mimi's part time and playlearn part time, we have really liked playlearn, and of course we love the days he goes to mimi's the best!

- he is not a great napper. he takes an hour nap around 11-12 and usually that's it?!?!?

- also not a super sleeper ;) poor baby. its not his fault

- he sleeps in a crib in our room (this is one of the reasons it's not his fault) and he stands up in his bed at 2:30AM saying "mamamamamamama" so i cant resist

- he is OBSESSED with his daddy. like to the point where my feelings are hurt. he reaches for him constantly, cries when he leaves, and constantly stares at him with this adoring, admiring stare that i am pretty sure is only reserved for his daddy. im working on redeeming myself by giving him tcby when daddy isnt around ;)

- he is very silly. he does this thing when he's sitting on my hip where if i am not paying attention to him, he sticks his neck out and brings that little face around so he's right in front of me. it's saying 'ummmmm.. hello. why arent you paying attention to me??' he did it to my mom tonight and we busted out laughing!!

- he is ridiculously cute and charming. he is getting more hair and i cant decide what color it will be... maybe blonde and maybe a light brown?? and his eyes are turning greenish blue and not bright blue.

- he is the love of our lives!!!!

Happy 8 months sweet baby boy. mommy and daddy love you!!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

lots of fall pictures

we have been playing in the yard............. with our pumpkin that daddy picked for us..........

we have been eating grass...................................

we have been crawling everywhere...........................

we have been trying to walk...................

we have been obsessed with daddy.................

and chasing lou..............................

we went to our first pumpkin patch..................

we went to watch our cousin charlie in the fun run............... and cheered loudly for him............

and we got even cuter since the last time i posted.........................
we love you bennett bear. much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!