Saturday, March 26, 2011

bath time, one month old and preg pics

bennetts first bath at home this is how we feel about bath time. breaks my heart!!!!
still hating it.....
even madder than before...the cutest sad face in the world!
looking at me thinking 'why did you do that to me momma??' all better!
after i had bennett and they took him to the nursery to check him out, they gave him his shots and poked and prodded him and he was happy as a clam. oh but he lost it when it was bath time.... and he hasn't liked it ever since. i was in recovery from my c section so i missed his first bath. but judging by the pictures, he hasn't liked it from the start.
i am hoping that this changes because it is pretty pitiful. he is such a good baby and hardly ever fusses... so i sort of panic when he screams during bath time. any suggestions on getting them to enjoy it?! poor baby!

i cannot believe that he is already a month old. when i look at pictures i can see where he has grown, but i don't notice it from day to day. he is still a little guy. we are just now graduating from our 'up to 7 pound' clothing and wearing some 0-3 month clothes.
he is sleeping good. i feed him for the last time around 9:30 at night and he sleeps until 2:00. then he will usually sleep until 5:30 or 6. i do feel really tired when we get up... i cant seem to get used to the broken sleep. hopefully he will continue to be a good sleeper.
he sleeps in his pack n play right next to me. he has only been in his crib for the above photos :) in the house that we are in now, his room is upstairs. when we move in a few weeks, his room is downstairs, so we may reevaluate things then. i tell jared that i want him in our room for at least 6 months ;)
i am pumping once or twice a day and it is going well. earlier today he ate on the left side then fell asleep so the right side looked like a basketball three hours later!!!! ouch! i decided to pump to get the pain to go away and pumped over 4 ounces from that side alone! normally i only get 3 total. no wonder i was hurting!
he is still eating about 8 times a day... i feed him A LOT during the day so that we have easier nights.
he has started smiling this week. of course his first big, huge, real smile was directed at daddy. i should get used to this. (even though i am the one who caters to his every need) :)
he has also started cooing and making some sweet noises. he has great head control and started turning his head to find our voices.
i love him with all of my heart.
below are two pics from my pregnancy.... i saw these today and have never posted any pics on FB or on here, but they are pretty funny!
the first pic was taken the day i found out i was pregnant.. i immediately grabbed the camera to document that i once was a normal size.. thinking that i would be huge by the next day. ;)
the second picture was taken the day we went to the hospital. OMG i was massive. i cropped it to spare everyone from seeing me in my bra.

luckily i am now about 3 pounds away from where i started. i was sooooo swollen at the end that i put on a bunch of water weight. it came off really quick (with the help of uncontrollable postpartum night sweats). i am thankful to be back in my clothes... now i would just like the black line down my tummy to go away as well ;)

i hope that everyone has a fabulous saturday night!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

almost three weeks...

momma and baby, 2 weeks old

sweetest face i have ever seen

for some reason i kept him in his hospital hat
for days after we got home... the baby has a million
hats of his own... i just liked this one :)
first visit with dr. terry after we left the hospital.
he said we look great! he weighed 7 lbs, 8 ounces at this visit.
born at 7 pounds, 14 ounces, dropped to 7 lbs 3 ounces
and when we went on sunday, he was at 8 lbs, 4 ounces. he loves to make this serious look. he has the best eye contact
always looks like he is thinking up something reallllly important.
here are a few pics from the first days at home. we are all settled in, and actually have a pretty good schedule. bennett is doing so good. we are so lucky to have such a sweet baby! he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and last night he slept for almost 5 hours at a time. impressed!
we absolutely hate bath time. i hate it, he hates it, daddy hates it. it is no fun for anyone because bennett screams and cries :( hopefully he will grow to love a warm bath, like his momma does.
in other news...
our TCBY is really close to opening! we have all of our employees hired and we are ready to get things going! i cant wait to have limitless vanilla with hot fudge ;)
this has been keeping daddy extremely busy.
while on this topic, i will brag on him for a second. the man has at least 4 full time jobs... opening a new business, managing several rental properties that he has to deal with on a regular basis, being a full time rep for Pfizer and he is smack dab in the middle of building us our dream home. he is also a fantastic husband and father, making those jobs number 5 and 6. i know that we have some busy and challenging times ahead, but i also know that there is nothing that we can't handle together.
he works so hard for our family, and never does anything nice for himself. if i buy him a new shirt, he makes me take it back because he would rather me have something nice for myself or the baby.. he tells me all of the time how good of a wife and mom that i am, and that i am his best friend. he means that, i know that i am his best friend. he's mine.
when we were pregnant, i thought a lot about what type of daddy jared would be. i didnt picture him being really hands on with bennett. i pictured him being more of a supporter than a doer, which was going to be fine with me. he has turned out to be both, which has surprised me. he changes diapers, worries about his well being, dresses him, reads to him, etc.
i am so blessed to be married to him, i dont know what i did in life to deserve him as my husband.
below is a picture of me a few days before we had bennett... i was the size of the house we are building that i am standing in front of ;)
hopefully our home will be done in a few weeks and we can get all settled in.
it will be crazy for a while... new baby, new business, new house all within the same month. i am trying my best to hang on and enjoy the ride. (with the help of friends, family and the occasional michelob ultra) :)

i hope that everyone has a happy st patricks day!!! we are going to get out and enjoy the sunshine this afternoon!

xoxo- sarah

Monday, March 14, 2011

our son...

bennett william
our son entered into the world on february 25. he was born at 8:46 pm. he weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces and he was 20.5 inches long.
i went into the hospital on thursday, february 24 to start the induction process. after a night of contractions and laboring all day the next day, we decided to do an emergency c section on friday night. the entire childbirth process after almost a week in the hospital with a perfectly healthy baby, but high bp and messed up blood work for momma, we were able to take our sweet angel home.
luckily, most of the hospital stay is a blur, but i vividly remember him being born and hearing him cry for the first time. i remember looking over and seeing jared holding him for the first time and i clearly remember him showing me our son for the first time. he was perfect. he still is.
the nights in the hospital were pretty good. jared and i would take him to the nursery to hang out for a few hours so i could rest, but mainly he was right there next to us. jared would get up and bring him to me when he was hungry. some nights i was on so many pain meds that i remember jared holding him up to me so i could nurse him. it was for sure a team effort.
when we brought him home, i had that moment of 'what do we do with him now?' 'where are the nursery people to help me with him...?' it sounds so cliche... but it was true. thankfully, that only lasted a minute and then we were full on adjusting to parenthood.
he is 17 days old today and just fabulous. he sleeps 4 hours at a time at night. we have only had one or two challenging nights since we got home. he is SUCH a good baby. he only cries when he is really sleepy, has a dirty diaper or is hungry. mainly... he's hungry. he never turns down the boob :)
i am nursing him every three hours during the day and 4 at night.
we went to the clinic yesterday and he weighed 8 lbs 4 ounces. dr. terry was pleased with this and said that he is getting enough breast milk, that's reassuring because you just dont know.
everyone says he looks like his daddy. he for sure has daddy's blue eyes. i think he has my mouth and nose.
i swear he has changed so much in his little 17 days here. he is still wearing the 'up to 7 pound' size clothes from baby gap.
he poops and pees more than any baby around. i think we go through a box of 84 pampers a day :)
daddy was changing him the other morning and he went through 4 diapers in 5 minutes. he frequently tinkles on us while we are changing him! that little stinker!
we are so happy that he is here with us. it is a love like no other. one like we have never known.
here are a ton of pics from the days leading up to his arrival, and the big day.