Sunday, October 25, 2009

SEC Tour 2009

In the end....

There has been no shortage of football in our house lately... This weekend we traveled down to Ole Miss for the weekend to watch the hogs get beat. I was so into the game and wanted us to win sooooo badly so we could beat Houston, but maybe next year?! We had a blast even though the game was a bummer. Here are the pics from the weekend.

I am happy to be home safe and sound and with only 5 games to go :) 3 at home, one in LR and then to LSU. This really is a tour of the South. If anyone wants to come along, jump in!!

Hope that everyone has a fabulous week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

catch up

On the Pacific Ocean
The Flags at Pepperdine on 9/11
The flowers in my hotel room on our anniversary :)

Ann and I on the hill watchin the game My sweetie and I in DallasMy cute sister in law and I before the game
The Fam in our living room after the game...
chili, football and Charlies half bday!
Little Charlie Hall, MD

Since My Last Post:
Jared and I had our 3rd Anniversary
I finished training with my job
We celebrated my mommy's birthday
Jessica had surgery
My grandmother got very ill and is now doing better
I spent the weekend with my mom and Jess in LA
We all went to Dallas to watch the Hogs beat A&M
It got very cold outside, Fall arrived
Charlie turned 18 months old
I figured out our Halloween costumes
I found out that I love my new job and couldn't be happier with my decision
I have purchased many new lovely fall items
I have made potato soup a zillion times, and we have been cooking a lot more
I have got to see my friends a lot and they are all doing so well
I have played quite a bit of tennis
I have taken a break from running/working out :)
Obviously... I have also taken a break from blogging

What's to Come!
My brother in law, Mark is about to turn 30
My dad is about to celebrate his birthday
Steph and Jimbo's engagement party
Bethany is turning 21!
Traveling to Oxford and Baton Rouge
Anna and Drew's Engagement Party
Lots of birthdays, lots of parties, lots of football, lots of showers, lots of work

I now feel like I am completely caught up on what is happening around me! Over the past month, I have been so happy that Fall has arrived. I say this every year, but its true... for some reason this weather makes me feel so comfortable and so complete. It must be because I am around family and good friends so often and the holidays are just around the corner.
I hope that everyone out there gets that feeling too when this time of year rolls around.
Glad to be caught up!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday!