Friday, February 5, 2010

wear to work. favorite boys. weddings.

here are some lovely looks that are great for workin in the winter. i spend a lot of time getting in and out of the car in my job... most days i put on my trench coat over my clothes and keep it on all day. i figure i could just wear that and probably no one would notice :) just kidding. i love those wrap dresses, very flattering and versatile.
on another note, here are a couple pics of my favorite little boy and my favorite big boy. when we got a ton of snow, uncle and i built a snowman with charlie, mark and jess. when i bent over to kiss charlie, he said "missed you auntie". his little voice is heart warming. every time i see him i tell him i have missed him that day or the last couple days, so i think he was telling me back that he had missed me too ;)
my other favorite boy is also pictured below. we had so much fun 'snowed in' together. we are together almost all of the time anyway, but it was still fun to be at the house together for a couple days straight. i love that boy and thank God for him everyday.
(my daddy would be my other favorite boy, cant leave him out!!)

jared and i are heading to little rock tomorrow for a dinner in honor of anna and drew. their wedding is quickly approaching, 2 months!! steph and jimbo's is less than 3 months!! if you need me for a weekend, call me after may 1 and i'll be available.... every weekend til then is booked :) i am busy keeping up with my extra curricular activities and my bestie's wedding festivities.... and loving every second of it!

oh, and we are going to mexico in a couple weeks! between the bikini-in-february issue and my matron of honor dress not fitting... i am also not available to eat until may 1. just kidding! i have actually been very disciplined and exercised a ton lately... feelin good!

have a lovely weekend!