Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tulsa Outing

Mommy, Spears, Mo and I at Utica
This pic cracked us up for at least 20 minutes... it
looks like Mo has a hat on here and for some reason
we sat on the bench and laughed and laughed...

Now I have "the hat" on
Me and Hank
Sweet Baby Boy
Yesterday Mom, Mo and I drove to Tulsa (Jess and Charlie were supposed to go but he came down with an ear infection, everyone was sad they couldn't come). We went to see friends, have lunch and shop a bit. We ate lunch with Spears and Effie. Effie was in town because her sister lives there and Spears was in town for the holidays with her family. Anyway, it was so good to see everyone! I miss those girls so much!! We really didn't find a lot shopping wise, which was a good thing after Christmas and all. Mo and I got a shirt from Banana that we had to wait in line for about a hour to get. And then I found Turvis Tumblers that were 50% off... these things are never on sale, so that was exciting.
The whole way home Mo and I went over baby names, mom rode in the back and approved/vetoed different names. It really stresses us out... what we will name our children that we aren't even pregnant with. HA! I know, it's silly.
I got home and made potato soup and then we watched the great game over at Mark and Jess'. What a good game!!
Here are some pics from the day and also some pics of me with Anna's new puppy that I got to see last week in Little Rock. Isnt he so cute?!
Happy New Years Eve Everyone!!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2009! (its been like this for days... my mom just pointed out that it is in fact 2008) sometimes I worry myself...

Our familyMe and Mrs. Shireman
(my good friend and elementary school teacher)Jared and I at the Shireman's Christmas PartyTheir adorable grandson, SawyerMark and JessBaby Charlie on Christmas morning My locket from Jared (we were
all laughing because he put
a picture of himself inside as a joke) too funny!!
Jared with his favorite gift from me
My new scarf!
....and tennis racket!! YAY!!
Charlie on his new horse
Jared with all of his siblings
Christmas was absolutely wonderful around here!! We had such a great time with my family from Monday through Thursday. We went to a Christmas party at the Shireman's on Christmas Eve Eve which was super fun (as always). We look forward to their party every year, we get to catch up with a lot of lifelong friends while we are there. Thanks Shireman's for having us!!
Then on Christmas Eve we cooked all day and went to mass. We had a lovely meal for dinner and got in bed early so that Santa could come. He was really good to us this year! We got everything we wanted, and then some.
After we finished Christmas with my family we headed south to see Jared's fam and spend Christmas evening with them, where we had another HUGE meal and many more presents. I don't think I can fit into the jeans that Santa brought after these last two days :)
Thanks everyone for such wonderful food, presents and fun! We are so thankful for the time that we were able to spend with our families during this holiday season and look forward to many more fun times in the future.
Today I went shopping with all of my Christmas gift cards (they burn a hole in my pocket) and I found some great deals!! I haven't seen 70% off in a really long time, if ever at some of those stores, so I was glad to take full advantage!
We hope that everyone had a great Christmas!!!!
Here are some pics from the past week!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me and Christmas Party Pics!

Jared being silly and me cleaning up a spill!
Jess and I
Em, T and me

Me and my MO MO

The girls
I love Steph's red tongue in this one!
Candice and Denny
So Cute!

What a mess!!

At this point Lou Lou was over the party and
ready for bed
Sweet Charlie trying to get into what Santa brought him

Charlie and his Mimi, his favorite woman (other than Jess)
Merry Christmas to me!
My Christmas gift came in the mail and here I am unwrapping it. I put a tag on it that said, "Merry Christmas... To: Sarah, From: Sarah" Ha! Just kidding, there wasn't a tag :) Should have though.
Here are a TON of pics from this past week's activities. Last night we had "Christmas with our Friends" at our house and it was so much fun. I thought this would be a great tradition to start, spending time to celebrate with our friends before we all head off to celebrate with our families. The evening started with a lovely dinner, a couple cocktails and listening to soft Christmas carols and it ended with tequila shots and dancing to Rhianna. Isn't that always the case?! Whew, what a night! I woke up this morning and our house looked like a frat house. Oh well, it was worth it!
Tonight we are going over to Steph and Jimbos and having dinner with them, I am looking forward to a home cooked meal, I have been too busy to cook lately, so that will be so nice.
We will then pack up and get ready to spend time with our family!! Cant wait!
Hope everyone is enjoying the season.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Bunco

Me, Michelle, Theresa, Allison and Cody
Bethany, Emily, Steph and Sarah

Candice and I
Bear!!! The cutest dog ever!

The Girls

Tonight we had our annual Christmas bunco. We have an AMAZING group of girls that get together once a month for what we commonly refer to as bunco. We don't ever play the game(I think we played once this year?!), but it's our bunco group nevertheless. In all actuality, its a group of girls that get together for food, fun, friends and a little wine :) We'll just say that Jared always takes me and picks me up... that way there is no driving involved. Anyway, Allison and Bethany hosted this evening at Allison's house (which is so fabulous) and we exchanged gifts and enjoyed each other's company. I am so thankful for this group of girls! They are so much fun and are true friends to me.. which is hard to come by as a twentysomething woman these days. I love all you girls and hope that you have a Merry Christmas!!