Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh this child of mine...

bennett and i ventured out on our first road trip today. we made a surprise visit to tulsa! micah, who is one of my best friend's little sister, had a baby shower today, so bennett and i decided we couldnt miss it! we talked to spears on the way over and she had no idea we were headed her way. of course she cried when she saw bennett and i... which jared jokingly said that doesnt mean anything because spears cries all of the time... which is true ;) nevertheless, she was thrilled to see us.

bennett was a perfect angel on the car ride over and back... while we were there, not so much. background on his fit throwing:

last week we were at the dermatologist for his ezcema and bennett started SCREAMING while we were there. a scream like i have never heard before. like a make your brain hurt scream. when we left there my ears were ringing and i didnt hear one word from the dr. the nurse even commented "he sure does throw big fits for a 5 month old." (which is true) anyway, i figured he was just out of his element and fussy. wrong. that is his new way of expressing himself and it hasnt stopped since that apt. if he doesnt have instant satisfaction, and i mean instant, then the screaming begins.

the first hour of the baby shower he was a perfect angel. dressed in his baby blue seer sucker bubble and looking as sweet as can be, with all of the ladies kissing his big cheeks and commenting on how perfect he was, i was a proud momma. then the second hour came and he had a blowout diaper that covered he and i in poop from head to toe. it was all down my dress, ALL over him (in his hair, on his arms, legs, feet, toes, hands, face, neck rolls, etc.). luckily i had a spare outfit for him. evidently i need to start packing an extra for me as well! then came the screaming. at first it was funny and everyone laughed. by the 10th time, it was time to go home. we left tulsa covered in poo but thankful that we made it safe on our first road trip. thankful for micah's baby girl that will be here in two months, and thankful for best friends that love us more than we love ourselves.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

love this little man...

a few pics :)

charlie riding bennett's horse with a diaper cover on his head... just the usual ;)


Monday, July 25, 2011

five months

baby bennett is five months old today. as you can see in his pictures, he now is more into the giraffe than the pictures. he wasn't in a smiling mood during his photo shoot, so you take what you get ;)

he has been cracking us up lately. he has this hilarious old man laugh and its totally fake. he does it when no one is paying attention to him... wonder where he gets that from?!

he is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous little man. he has the best personality and i can really see it more everyday. i think that he will be a very loyal, sweet, boy. he is always studying people and it appears to be a bit difficult to win his trust and love ;)

i am not one that is into signs of the zodiac but i couldn't help myself but to look up the traits of a pisces... here is what it says:

Imaginative and sensitive

Compassionate and kind

Selfless and unworldly

Intuitive and sympathetic

i think this is pretty accurate so far. i hope that he is always very compassionate and kind. that will take him wherever he needs to go in life!


he is wearing size three dipeys and 6-12 mo clothes. lately everyone that sees him comments on how big he is.. he is only in the 60th percentile, but i guess he is looking heftier these days.

we still haven't started any food because of his eczema. i am going to wait another month to go down that road.

he loves to roll over, play with toys, stand up, chew on his feet, giggle, and snuggle.

he has been petting louie lately and watching his every move. louie likes him a lot, too.

he is such a sweetheart and we love him so very, very much! we can't wait to love him all the days of our lives!!!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

my week as a stay at home mom ;)

we played with our cousins charlie says... auntie chase me, auntie tease me, auntie run around with me.....

we went to the splash park...
we went to a pool party at the triplets house...
bennett was not on best behavior
he had not had a nap ALL day..
he screamed while mommy was trying to float around..
and then came home to do this:

which only lasted 10 minutes

so mimi had to come help so that i could get ready for a
rehearsal dinner with my love.

and kk (jar's momma) got to town to keep the sweetie while

we did wedding festivities all weekend. thank you mimi and kk for

ALL you do for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all ready for porter's party

slept for the first half

fussed for the second half ;)

he can't help it, he had shots last week and

they make him fussy.... oh, and the child DOES NOT take naps

that is probably contributing to the fussiness??!!

the adorable birthday boy! holding up a 'one' for his bday ;)

bennett and brooks with karrie and i

LOTS of little men

my favorite little man:)here we are last night at nick and katie's wedding.
it was so much fun! i feel like we look like kiddos here
like maybe we should be on 16 and pregnant since we have a baby?!
the best part of my week, and my life: waking up to

this face every morning!

there is nothing better than a sleeping baby...

with his feet crossed


even though bennett was four months old a few weeks ago, we just went to our doctor's apt. this week. our wayward doctor (and i say that jokingly because he was in Colorado with my mom and dad) was out of town for a few weeks and so our appointment got pushed back. he squeezed us in one afternoon last week to check out the little biscuit. bennett weighs just under 16 pounds (60th percentile) and is 25 inches long (40th percentile), his head is still in the 90th percentile... he continues to be very smart ;)

everything was great at his appointment except he has eczema. this isnt a big deal and we will just treat it as necessary and move on. i am so thankful that he continues to be healthy and everyday that we have our health and happiness, is another great day!

he sat up for the first time while we were there. it was kinda funny because the nurse asked me if he could rollover, smile, laugh, etc and i kept saying yes, yes, yes. and then she asked if he could sit up and i said no. about that time she sat him on the table and he just sat there... so i said 'well, i guess he can.'


i have SOOOOOO much enjoyed my week home with the little angel. i am sad that i go back to work tomorrow... but as i have said before, my job contributes to a lot of fun things that we get to do with him, and will get to do in the future. this week was so amazing, we just hung out, we ran errands, we slept in, stayed out too late, we watched fireworks, got our shots, spent time with friends, and i fell even more in love with that child every single day! he full on belly laughs at me every morning when i get him up. he really loves his momma these days and cries when i hand him off. i have been longing for the day when he started this ;)

we hope that everyone had a blessed weekend!!!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

happy birthday america!

friday night swim... loving the pool these days :)daddy and jollieour little familywith my nephews. love them like they are mine!so cute!! of course he is hamming it up! all dry!we headed to the fireworks at cross church on sunday.

we sold yogurt at a tent and just hung out. ms. leslie has

bennett in the pic below and he was sleeping soundly until the first

BOOM and then we were up! he LOOOOOOVED the firework show!how could you not love it... it was so amazing. watching his first fireworksthis is the face i get to wake up to. cant

explain how much we love him!daddy and bennett... always in deep thought ;)
miller came over to watch some fireworks on
their first 4th of july!

hanging out on our patio watching fireworks

not so sure of the loud one that uncle mark and uncle

jordan set off...

charlie loves a good sparkler!

the sweetest boy in the world. love him to pieces.


we had a blessed weekend around here. we spent the entire weekend together as a family, having a blast. we miss mimi and poppy, they are in colorado with the paytons, but will be home soon! i am looking forward to a fun filled week around here! off to bed!