Sunday, September 25, 2011

seven months.

seven months old today.

this little monkey has blessed our lives and brightened our days for SEVEN months. we love you bennett. we are so proud of you!!!

we hope everyone has a good week!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

check up

this little honey pie had his check up today. he is weighing in at 18 pounds 9 ounces and is 26 inches tall. this puts him in the 50th percentile on both.
he screamed at dr. terry the entire visit. a very, very loud scream that made it to where i heard nothing that dr. terry was saying.... that’s our boy ;)
all in all he is doing really well, growing like a weed and right on track. we are happy and healthy and thank the Lord for that every single day.
bennett will be 7 months old on sunday and i think for the first time in his life i truly feel like it’s going by way too fast. it brings tears to my eyes to watch him growing and exploring and taking in all that life has to offer. he is so curious, wild, interested, independent, determined, all while being so sweet, loving and genuine. i think that he will grow up to be as good of a man as his daddy.
i just love him so much and as much as i want to press pause on these days, weeks, months, i cannot wait to watch this little man grow up. i know his personality will challenge us and entertain us for all of our days :)
we love you bennett william. you are everything to us.
mommy & daddy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sippy cup and big boy bed

our little honey at his first tailgate :)

we took him to our friend's, steph and jimbo's, tailgate before the troy game.

he had a blast. after we left there, we strolled him to the pit for a few minutes.

it got chilly so he and i went home and watched the game with

aunt jess, ollie, mimi and poppy. we decided that we love watching the

game all snuggled up on the couch with the fire burning!

a typical evening at our home ;)
showing off his new toofies

trying to drink from the cup in his own he's got it....
and even better.... getting some juice!

got one eye on me ;)


we started giving him a sippy cup a while back to play with. i never put anything in it until this week. i put half apple juice and half water and he LOVES it. he tips it back and gulps it down.


on another note... jared and i are officially nuts. long story short, bennett has been sleeping in our room since day 1. not in our bed (although i would not judge someone for that, because you have to do what works for you and we will probably be there one day) but in his pack n play. since he is getting older and needs support for his little body, we thought it was time for the crib. we just couldnt stand the thought of him being across the house in his nursery. SO, we went and bought a crib (mattress, sheets, bumpers and matching blanket ;)) for our room. we are perhaps regretting this decision as i type since jared just laid him down and now he is standing up in there laughing and blowing bubbles at us, instead of sleeping. hmmmm. this is the 3rd night in his new big boy bed and he has slept great the last two nights. he has learned a new trick that i know he is doing to be a stinker.. he will reach his hand out of the crib, paci in hand, get our attention and then open his hand so the paci falls to the floor. so of course we get up, get the paci and give it back just in time for him to start over. what a little monkey he is. if he wasnt so adorable, i would have to get frustrated with his new game ;)

i love having him right here and i know that one day we will be ready for him to sleep in his room, just not today. i will post pictures soon of him standing in his new bed.. both hands on the bars, face squished up against it... it looks like he is in jail!! too funny!!

xoxo- sarah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

six {and a half} months

this not so little man has been growing like a weed. seriously... he is huge and all.grown.up.

he is pulling up on his crib

he is into EVERYTHING

he is wearing a size 4 diaper, 6-12 month clothing

sleeping decently... very inconsistent (some nights are great, some are not so great)

he has his second cold right now and is sort of pitiful

he has two of his bottom teeth!! the most adorable teeth i have ever seen

he is rocking on all fours and trying his hardest to take off

he still loves toys. his favorite toys are his cookie jar, bowls, spoons, that bulb nose thing ;)

he runs all over the house in his walker. he has even learned to go in reverse when he gets stuck

he is taking 5 (6 ounce) bottles a day and eating three meals

he is starting to drink out of a sippy cup

he is getting cuter, sweeter and more snuggly with everyday and as usual, jared and i are smitten with him. we love you bennett william. with our whole hearts!!!