Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow, that was FUN!!

Effie, Brita, Anna, me and Steph Like old times :)
This was us..... 8 years ago on BID day.
Me and my sweetheartOur cute boys!! They are the best.. Jimbo is missing
Silly Boys
Hanging out on the back porch

And they're off...

I bet this one, because he was wearing pink. And I won!!
Spears, Brita, me, Effie and Jess

Spears and Jake
Mark and Jess
baby Hank!!
This weekend was sooooo much fun!! We went to Hot Springs on Friday after work and met up with all of our friends at dinner. It was so good to see everyone!! Dinner was so tasty, I think it may be my new favorite restaurant! I had a caprese salad and a cheese ravioli dish. Yum!
After dinner we went to Anna's lake house, which is absolutely beautiful and amazing. We stayed up until almost 4 am Friday night just catching up... the girls on the couch talking, and the boys playing poker. We woke up Saturday and headed to the races. We had a blast betting on the horses and hanging out with great friends. We bet a few dollars here and there, we didn't exactly know what we were doing... all in all, we broke even and had a wonderful day. After the races, we went back to Anna's lake house and had a home cooked meal that her parents and Effie's mom made for us. It was awesome! I will post more later, I need to get ready for bed and a good night sleep.... somehow Monday is already here again?! The weeks seem to FLY by!!
I hope everyone has a great week!


My name is Megan... said...

you all look so pretty! sounds like a fun time!!

Tara Gibson said...

i love the horse races! you guys got some great pictures!

Effie said...

These pics are great! Can't wait for you to email them to me....ha! By the way my camera is dead. Love you and had so much fun!

The Deacons said...

Love the pics! I had so much fun and miss you already! Let's start planning the next one! :)

Taylor, The Queen's Momma said...

I love Hot Springs, except I always am way hungover when the weekend is done!! You guys all looked so cute! Love the delta pic, did you know that stella says "Delta!" and makes a triangle with her fingers?? Already! Uh, oh! :)