Saturday, July 11, 2009

sandestin and 4th of july 2009

view from the condo

mimi and charlie waving to the airplane

mark, jess and charlie... charlie wasnt looking but its
still a good family pic

hubby and i

night on the 4th

"mr sandman"

uncle jar was borrowing charlies baby pool

jared and i at a lovely dinner..
please excuse my hair. it gets BIG in florida!

snack time
daddy and i.. not sure why his towel is like that!
under the umbrellas

uncle playing bartender


Every year mom and dad treat us to a vacation in Sandestin over the 4th of July. I have been there every fourth of July that I have been alive... so 26 times I guess. We always have an amazing time. We eat too much, drink too much and sleep too much. This year I also got way too much sun! Evidently my new Bare Minerals sunscreen brush isn't all is is cracked up to be. My face burned so bad one day after I applied sunscreen 444 times. Now I am peeling. Fabulous.

We were beach bums the whole week and only got "dressed" for dinner one time! Jared, Mark, Jess and I went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant that overlooked a marina. It was wonderful. I had a grouper dish with a crab cake on top and mashed potatoes below. Delicious. Other than that, we cooked and got a lot of takeout. When we were younger, we would go out to eat every night but now we stay at the beach too late and don't want to wait for hours on end.. plus Charlie has a strict bedtime :)

All in all, I gained 6 pounds in a week, got a great tan and had a lovely time with my wonderful hubby and family!!!

Jared just called me to tell me that he is officially done with his masters. We had to come home yesterday so he could attend his last class.. the rest of the fam is driving now. I am so proud of him and relieved that it's over! I am going to take him to dinner somewhere fabulous tonight to celebrate! (why not make it seven pounds this week? :)

But first, I will go workout and buy paint for our laundry room.. my next project.

I hope everyone had a great 4th!!!



Alison said...

I've never been to Florida, it looks beautiful! You're so lucky that you get to go every year. :)

Jennifer T said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! glad you had a great vacation! love the pics

My name is Megan... said...

that is awesome you have been going for so many years! what a great family vacay! I love it there. Dont worry, you dont look like you've gained ANY lbs! and YAY for Jared finishing his masters!! :) good luck on your project.

Mary Belden said...

The 6 pounder sounds like my honeymoon. After working out and dieting for 6 months I wanted to eat everything that was bad for me. I think I deserved it! Now back to trying to be healthy!

Good pictures. Charlie is adorable. Don't you love being an aunt!

Mrs. Cole said...

I wanna be at the beach!! You have such a fun family!

Leigh Collins said...

It was great to see you guys last week at the beach! I hope you had an easy trip home! It's amazing how much the kids have all changed in a year!

Melissa said...

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