Saturday, March 26, 2011

bath time, one month old and preg pics

bennetts first bath at home this is how we feel about bath time. breaks my heart!!!!
still hating it.....
even madder than before...the cutest sad face in the world!
looking at me thinking 'why did you do that to me momma??' all better!
after i had bennett and they took him to the nursery to check him out, they gave him his shots and poked and prodded him and he was happy as a clam. oh but he lost it when it was bath time.... and he hasn't liked it ever since. i was in recovery from my c section so i missed his first bath. but judging by the pictures, he hasn't liked it from the start.
i am hoping that this changes because it is pretty pitiful. he is such a good baby and hardly ever fusses... so i sort of panic when he screams during bath time. any suggestions on getting them to enjoy it?! poor baby!

i cannot believe that he is already a month old. when i look at pictures i can see where he has grown, but i don't notice it from day to day. he is still a little guy. we are just now graduating from our 'up to 7 pound' clothing and wearing some 0-3 month clothes.
he is sleeping good. i feed him for the last time around 9:30 at night and he sleeps until 2:00. then he will usually sleep until 5:30 or 6. i do feel really tired when we get up... i cant seem to get used to the broken sleep. hopefully he will continue to be a good sleeper.
he sleeps in his pack n play right next to me. he has only been in his crib for the above photos :) in the house that we are in now, his room is upstairs. when we move in a few weeks, his room is downstairs, so we may reevaluate things then. i tell jared that i want him in our room for at least 6 months ;)
i am pumping once or twice a day and it is going well. earlier today he ate on the left side then fell asleep so the right side looked like a basketball three hours later!!!! ouch! i decided to pump to get the pain to go away and pumped over 4 ounces from that side alone! normally i only get 3 total. no wonder i was hurting!
he is still eating about 8 times a day... i feed him A LOT during the day so that we have easier nights.
he has started smiling this week. of course his first big, huge, real smile was directed at daddy. i should get used to this. (even though i am the one who caters to his every need) :)
he has also started cooing and making some sweet noises. he has great head control and started turning his head to find our voices.
i love him with all of my heart.
below are two pics from my pregnancy.... i saw these today and have never posted any pics on FB or on here, but they are pretty funny!
the first pic was taken the day i found out i was pregnant.. i immediately grabbed the camera to document that i once was a normal size.. thinking that i would be huge by the next day. ;)
the second picture was taken the day we went to the hospital. OMG i was massive. i cropped it to spare everyone from seeing me in my bra.

luckily i am now about 3 pounds away from where i started. i was sooooo swollen at the end that i put on a bunch of water weight. it came off really quick (with the help of uncontrollable postpartum night sweats). i am thankful to be back in my clothes... now i would just like the black line down my tummy to go away as well ;)

i hope that everyone has a fabulous saturday night!!



Melissa said...

He sure is adorable! Although he is obviously not a fan of bath-time!!! Wow. Hayden didn't like it much either, but I don't remember him hating it that much. I do know that it helped to have the temperature in the bathroom warm. And - wow - you looked super skinny before and really not huge right before giving birth. And to now be only 3 pounds away from your pre-pregnancy weight is quite impressive (although at least with me, after having Hayden I might have been at the same weight or even lower than pre-pregnancy but things just didn't look the same). Good luck with the sleeping thing and not getting a full night's rest. It is something I am not looking forward to after Harper comes. I really like and need my sleep!

Happiness Is... said...

I just found your blog - love it! We have a son a little older than yours :)

Thatcher loves bath time and screams when he gets out. However, he screams a lot at other times, too - getting burped, if you take the boob away, etc! So, I am jealous of content babies b/c mine is rather dramatic!

Jill said...

I came across your blog through another blog. My son will be 1 in 3 weeks. When he was a tiny little thing, I would put an adult size towel inside the tub and him on top of it. It would absorb some of the water and keep him warm. Also, I would pour cupfuls of water over him about every minute. :) It sounds like your little guy will be sleeping completely through the night soon!

Lindsey said...

Such cute pics! LOVE his bedding!!

Kelly said...

I used to read your blog off and on and I knew y'all were putting in the new TCBY and for whatever reason....I just found your blog again today after a long time and saw you had a BABY!!! Congratulations - Bennett is precious! Hope you are enjoying every minute!

Raven said...

wait wait WAIT...Your baby boy is ONE MONTH old and you are THREE pounds (Was it three? or five? anyway, it's all the same) away from being where you were before you got pregnant? That should be illegal!! But he is GORGEOUS. He really is, and you look FABULOUS. Congratulations!!! Excited to come back and see more of the newest member to the family :)