Sunday, May 6, 2012

mississippi and summertime

this little ham has been enjoying the SUNSHINE!!!! here are a few iphone pics... having some camera probs.
we have spent A LOT of time outside lately (when we haven't been sick!)
i will post more pics of this cuteness swimming in the pool soon.

a couple things he has been up to:
- he is saying 'bye bye' 'no' 'momma' 'uh-oh' 'ball'
- he is running like a wild child all over the house
- he is wearing size 12-18/18-24... which is he BEST because you get to shop two sections at baby gap... infants and toddlers..  :)
- he is in a size 4 diaper
-he loves to be outside and will go over to the glass door and point that he wants out
- he is starting to snuggle more... he will walk up and lay his head down and wrap his arms around us. melt my heart.
- he eats pretty good.. not a big brancher outter
- he sleeps from 8:30-7:18 ;)
- he takes one long nap from around 10:30-1:30 and then sometimes a cat nap in the evening
- as of today, he only gets his paci in his bed... i told him to leave it in his bed when i got him up this morning and he very dramatically threw it from his mouth to his crib.. like 'i don't need that silly thing anyway'
- he sleeps in a crib in our room... and he probably will until he goes to a big boy bed.. that's just how it is at the greer house ;)
- he LOVES his mimi so so much and when i drop him off in the morning, he simply waves his tiny hand and says 'bye bye'
- he has a couple more weeks at playlearn and then will be out for the summer before he starts at the new school in august! i can't wait for him to go to the school that i went to as a little girl!!! so special.
- he is THE LOVE OF MY LIFE and i thank God for each and every single day with him as my baby.

last weekend me and my best girlfriends went to mississippi! we stayed at the alluvian and did the cooking class at the viking cooking school. i would highly recommend it... here is what we did:
*we ate a TON
* we drank quite a bit too
* we told funny stories
*we met new tri delt friends
*we toured greenwood, ms and saw where the help was filmed
*we looked at old picture albums and laughed hysterically
*we talked about our lives now
*i listened to two of my best friends talk about the loss of their dads and my heart ached
*we talked about how cute bennett is ;) and how excited we are about baby allbritton
* we went to the spa
*we got pulled over
*we shopped at the local boutiques
and most of all we spent time together.just was a weekend i'll never forget.

i hope everyone has a lovely SUNday...

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