Monday, June 22, 2009

Here it is!

My sister in law, Bethany and I
Jared and Bethany
Setting up the dock for Drew to propose
Brita and I with the final product!
Steph, Spears, Amanda, me, Brita and Megan
Cam and Jared
The happy couple!!!!! I love those two!
Anna's beautiful ring!
The "blindfold" that Drew made Anna wear before he proposed!!!
The Girls
Me with the beautiful bride to be!
Effie, Anna, Steph, me and Spears
Drew, Anna and John (her future brother in law)
The whole new clan... including Hank and Tash!
Lots of boys
Meg, me and Anna on the boat
Brita and I waiting on the others :)
Brita, Effie and Amanda on the boat. So Fun!!!

Mark and Jess on their anniversary. Happy 6th anniversary!!!
Pops opening his gifts!
What I did all day Sunday
Charlie and his Dada. Charlie's favorite toy.... the hose!

Charlie watching his dad open gifts. So cute!
"Charlie, give the Razorback a hug and kisses"
Mark and Charlie on Father's Day
After helping Drew with his proposal plan and picking out a ring for about the last three months... it actually happened on Friday, he proposed!! Congrats Anna and Drew. We are so excited for you guys!!!!
Here are all the pics from the last week! What a great couple weeks it has been!!! I am so excited for Anna and Drew!! I cannot wait for April 10th (wedding day and Charlie's 2nd bday!!!). I look forward to all of the excitement in the next year. What a FUN year it will be.
Enjoy the pics!
I hope that everyone has a fabulous week!!!!!


Melissa said...

The last picture of Mark and Charlie is so sweet! Very good picture of father and son...

quite contrary said...

How sweet was that proposal! That is so awesome he got all her friends involved! Congrats to them!
I really wish all those boys were near ATL b/c I need to meet them! haha! Love all the pics! You are very photogenic!

Emily! said...

Of course I can count on you for pictures with all the details! What an amazing proposal ya'll helped Drew pull off!


Tara Gibson said...

what a great way to propose, having everyone involved is so special!

CAMoore said...

What a sweet bunch of girls you all are! And by the way...I need yall to be my personal shoppers! You girls are too stinking cute!

My name is Megan... said...

you always have the cutest dresses and what a FUN time! I'm so excited for Drew & Anna!