Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer is here!!!

Daddy, Mark, Jess, Charlie, Jared and I
Slip n Slide!

Poolside with my favorite little man
At Bordino's new patio
Summer is finally here! Thank goodness!! Here are a few pics from our first weekend at the pool. We were a little behind schedule due to all the craziness at the Greer household over the last few weeks/months. I am happy to say that Jared has two more classes and he is DONE with school. This makes me smile. We look forward to a year of just hanging out and traveling. HE told me yesterday that he might as well continue and get his PhD. That isn't even funny. Luckily he was kidding :)
We are heading to the pool for a lovely summer day. I will post more later... I need to soak up some rays while they are available!
Enjoy the beautiful day!


The Deacons said...

Charlie man is starting to look all grown up! I wish we could be in college again and lay out by your parents' pool all day! That was the life. :) Love u!

Leigh Collins said...

We just got back from a week long trip to Hidden Dunes! It was the best weather that I can ever remember down there! I thought of you guys and how we met last summer. Are ya'll going this year? If so, when? I think we are going the week after the 4th. My cousin is getting married on the 11th in Mobile so that throws a kink in our usual plans!