Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mary and Clark

Jared and I at the wedding
Daddy and Jared

The Beautiful Bride and I
Mommy and I
Stephen Thetford (the photographer who was also our photographer)
Jared and Mommy
Mommy and Daddy
Inside the tent
My favorite two men and I
Last night we went to Mary and Clark's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I loved all of the flowers, tents, food, color and details. We had a great time with my parents and old friends.
Mary and I met in 7th grade and I have known Clark since second grade. They are both wonderful people and so good for each other. We wish them all the best!!
Congrats Mary and Clark!
I hope that everyone had a great weekend. It was the best I have had in a while... so relaxing!! It wont be long until we head to the beach! YAY!!
Have a great week!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here it is!

My sister in law, Bethany and I
Jared and Bethany
Setting up the dock for Drew to propose
Brita and I with the final product!
Steph, Spears, Amanda, me, Brita and Megan
Cam and Jared
The happy couple!!!!! I love those two!
Anna's beautiful ring!
The "blindfold" that Drew made Anna wear before he proposed!!!
The Girls
Me with the beautiful bride to be!
Effie, Anna, Steph, me and Spears
Drew, Anna and John (her future brother in law)
The whole new clan... including Hank and Tash!
Lots of boys
Meg, me and Anna on the boat
Brita and I waiting on the others :)
Brita, Effie and Amanda on the boat. So Fun!!!

Mark and Jess on their anniversary. Happy 6th anniversary!!!
Pops opening his gifts!
What I did all day Sunday
Charlie and his Dada. Charlie's favorite toy.... the hose!

Charlie watching his dad open gifts. So cute!
"Charlie, give the Razorback a hug and kisses"
Mark and Charlie on Father's Day
After helping Drew with his proposal plan and picking out a ring for about the last three months... it actually happened on Friday, he proposed!! Congrats Anna and Drew. We are so excited for you guys!!!!
Here are all the pics from the last week! What a great couple weeks it has been!!! I am so excited for Anna and Drew!! I cannot wait for April 10th (wedding day and Charlie's 2nd bday!!!). I look forward to all of the excitement in the next year. What a FUN year it will be.
Enjoy the pics!
I hope that everyone has a fabulous week!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day Daddy!

Picture from a notorious night :) We stayed
in trouble for this night for a loooong time!
At my Wedding

I have a TON of exciting things to post about... (n0, I am not pregnant) :). But I am too tired to post everything tonight. In a nutshell... my friend Courtney got engaged, we went to Little Rock for a reception last weekend, we saw Jared's family, we celebrated Father's Day and MY BEST FRIEND ANNA GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!! I will post about all of it tomorrow with the 9 million pictures that I took.
But for tonight, I want to tell my Daddy HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I love you with all of my heart and I thank God for you and mom everyday. You have always been the best father that a girl could ask for. I am so very thankful to have you as my Daddy. You have taught me so much over the last 26 years and you mean the world to me!
I love you!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer is here!!!

Daddy, Mark, Jess, Charlie, Jared and I
Slip n Slide!

Poolside with my favorite little man
At Bordino's new patio
Summer is finally here! Thank goodness!! Here are a few pics from our first weekend at the pool. We were a little behind schedule due to all the craziness at the Greer household over the last few weeks/months. I am happy to say that Jared has two more classes and he is DONE with school. This makes me smile. We look forward to a year of just hanging out and traveling. HE told me yesterday that he might as well continue and get his PhD. That isn't even funny. Luckily he was kidding :)
We are heading to the pool for a lovely summer day. I will post more later... I need to soak up some rays while they are available!
Enjoy the beautiful day!