Monday, November 29, 2010


As construction continues to quickly move forward on the Northwest Arkansas TCBY store in Rogers, we are very excited to begin the process of bringing together the special team of people who will bring The Country's Best Yogurt back to the customers of Northwest Arkansas!!! If the weather continues to be favorable we anticipate opening our store in February 2011.

We plan to hire 2 Sales Managers for the Rogers location and we want to begin interviewing for these positions in the next few weeks. Once we select our Sales Mangers, we will begin interviewing candidates for our Sales Associate positions. The Sales Associate interviews will probably occur in January. We plan to hire around 10 Sales Associates to begin with and we hope to grow from there based upon the needs of the business.

Take a few moments to visit and click on employment opportunities for more details.


Margot said...

If I work there can I get free ICE CREAM! I want my snack!! on 2nd thought maybe i shouldnt bc im Huge!
- Margot

Alexa said...

OMG! I love TCBY! Every time i travel i look on the road at places that have TCBY and i just have to stop to get a white chocolate moose with sprinkles! All time favorite frozen yogurt! Beats any type of frozen yogurt!