Sunday, November 7, 2010

our life... right now

I made it to 6 1/2 months pregnant. We had a doctors apt this week and everything is looking good. He said that I was measuring three weeks ahead and that he has never seen a more active baby. He kicks constantly, I don't think he ever sleeps :)
I feel great most of the time.
Things that are making me feel great: the weeks going by fast and getting closer to meeting our little one, getting things checked off my to-do list, waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A, good doctor apts, making progress on our other adventures.
Things that make me feel less than great: heartburn, dressing myself, the overwhelming amount of projects going on in our lives, and not being able to sleep.
That pretty much sums it up right now.
Here are some pics of our 'projects'

TCBY is making significant progress. They are building away. We can't wait to have our store open. This keeps us (Jared) really busy.

We broke ground on our house this week!! YAY! We aren't sure how long it will take to get it built... this also is keeping us busy. If you've ever built a house, you know that there are a lot of decisions to be made. Ironically, the last time we built a house we were planning our wedding, and here we are building again, and having a baby. To that point, this is an example of how most of our conversations go these days:
Jared: Do you like this tile for the shower and this color hardwood?
Sarah: It all looks great. Do you like this mobile for the baby's room and these baby bottles?
Jared: Sure, looks great.
Ha! Luckily, we are both very easy going and we don't get too wrapped up in the details. We haven't disagreed yet and we try to just make good, quick decisions to keep things moving.

I finished our baby bedding. It was a project!!!!
As you can see, his name is Bennett. His full name is
Bennett William Greer
We will call him Bennett, and hope that it sticks, but if it is shortened to Ben, that is really cute too :) We had about three names that we had decided on for him and we kept going back and forth. I looked up the meaning/origin of the names that were left on the table and that made the decision for us. His name is English and means "Little Blessed One." I love it and I think it will be a great name at all ages.

Here he is in the last ultrasound pic that we had.
what an angel.
Our nephew, Charlie, is the other little man in our lives that is growing up too fast. Jess and I took him shopping yesterday and I can't believe how old he looks in this pic. Not only are we looking forward to meeting our little one, we can't wait to welcome Charlie's little brother, Oliver, into the world (maybe even on the same day!!) We will have to do a fun guessing game as to who will deliver first! I think Jess will go first... I am sure Bennett will be stubborn and hold out :)
I hope that everyone is having a lovely Sunday!


Melissa said...

Where are y'all building your new home?

Another weird thing, one of the boy names Randy and I have it narrowed down to if we have a boy is Bennett. Weird! (and a cute name)

Amber said...

wow!!! ya'll are way too busy! just 1 of those projects seems like a lot but all 3 of those at once!!! girl, you are impressive!! i love baby boy's name too!!! now i'm going to need you to pick up on the blogging once little man gets here okay?? ;)

quite contrary said...

so glad things are going so wonderfully for you and you are feeling great! love the name bennett! can't wait to meet him in blogland and see the TCBY when it is finished too!!!

Ashley said...


That baby bedding is so cute! I know that you and Jared will make wonderful parents! Bennett is such a cute name. You seem to have a lot going on with the baby coming really soon and the TCBY store going up. Just remember to breathe during it all and smile! :-)

The Evins said...

Wow!! That was just like us. We built our first house while planning a wedding and built our second while I was preggo with Walker. good luck with everything.