Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bennett's first halloween

getting ready to go to the fall carnival

{a very classic bennett face}

our friend, liza, rocking her costume

our cousins, lightning mcqueen

and ollie the lion

little foofa. look at those eyes!!

bennett and miller at the triplet's party!!

costume #2

bennett, miller and eli. how cute are they? seriously.

win, eli, knox, miller and bennett.

a first halloween for all these boys!

my little turtle.

with auntie candice... cheesin it up

with lots of our favorites!

after we left the triplets party, we stopped by kate and jason's

to see even more kiddos..... this was the only pic i got

im surprised i was able to snap this one.... this boy can run and play.

sweet mccoy!

we finished up the evening handing out candy in
aunt jess and uncle mark's front yard...

this was our best pic of the boys.. they were worn out at this point!

just a random pic of my happy boy..... .... and a piggy face to say good night to all and to all a good night.

xoxo, sarah

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