Sunday, April 17, 2011


our little family sacked out on michelle's couch i tried his easter outfit on today, and it was too big... so i pulled out another cute outfit... that has a bonnet, and this is what he thought of that!


here is a family pic from earlier tonight. jared and i went on a date for sushi. i hadn't had real sushi since i got pregnant. it was tasty and it was nice to have dinner with jar. i have missed him! we had a lovely weekend around here. i got a ton of stuff checked off my to do list and we had some fun family time at the store. we went to visit michelle and introduce her to baby bennett. she is having her 3 babies this wednesday. we cant wait to meet those sweeties!!!
i am going to enjoy my final three days off work this week and then head back to my new reality ;)

i hope that everyone has a lovely week!

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Melissa said...

Date nights are always good. Enjoy your last few days before you head back to work!