Thursday, April 28, 2011

thank you mom and dad...

i could sit here and write this post for the next decade and it wouldnt put into words how much my parents mean to me and how much they have done for our family. for those of you that are lucky enough to know my mom and dad, you know they are the kindest people you will ever meet. you know that they would give ANYTHING for their girls (and now their boys). you know that they are the picture of what a relationship should look like, one that started as young kids. you also know that they are the parents that every mother and father should strive to be.

they have done so much for jared, bennett and i over the last couple of months. i will never be able to repay them for their kindness, love and support. it would take days to write out all of the things that they have done for us during this crazy time. a couple things that come to mind are:

the night we went to the hospital to have Bennett, my mom slept on the floor of the hospital by my side all night long. when we ended up having to stay for a week, she and dad never left our side. they brought dinner every night, they catered to our every need, they did more than we could have EVER asked for. the second thing that comes to mind are the last couple of weeks. not only does my mother keep bennett for me while i work, they have been staying with me every night until jared gets home from tcby. they help me with bennett, watch him while i take a bath, they just take care of us. they do this even though my dad has to get up at 5:45 every morning and my mom gets up early to keep BOTH of her grandsons. they know that this makes this busy time so much easier for me and that's why they do it.

for the last 30 years, their lives have been about me and my sister. that doesnt mean that they havent always put their marriage at the top of the list as well. they know how to have the perfect balance. they were always the parents that would rather be with jess and i on a friday night, than out on the town. they have never cared about being socialites because that meant that they would sacrifice time and energy away from their family. even though my dad always worked so hard (and still does), he never missed a single thing when we were growing up, and neither did my mom. they still havent.

i only hope that bennett finds the love, security, friendship, faith, family, and support in jared and i as his mother and father as i have been given by my mom and dad for the last 28 years.

i love you mom and dad, and i will never be able to repay you for what you have given to us.

thank you!!!


Jennifer T said...

that is awesome sarah! i dont know your parents that well, but i do know that they are such nice people and always seemed to be really fun to be around as well! :) you are VERY blessed!

Mandy said...

love this post :) Reminds me of my mom and dad and how wonderful they are!

Happiness Is... said...

so sweet