Sunday, July 10, 2011

my week as a stay at home mom ;)

we played with our cousins charlie says... auntie chase me, auntie tease me, auntie run around with me.....

we went to the splash park...
we went to a pool party at the triplets house...
bennett was not on best behavior
he had not had a nap ALL day..
he screamed while mommy was trying to float around..
and then came home to do this:

which only lasted 10 minutes

so mimi had to come help so that i could get ready for a
rehearsal dinner with my love.

and kk (jar's momma) got to town to keep the sweetie while

we did wedding festivities all weekend. thank you mimi and kk for

ALL you do for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all ready for porter's party

slept for the first half

fussed for the second half ;)

he can't help it, he had shots last week and

they make him fussy.... oh, and the child DOES NOT take naps

that is probably contributing to the fussiness??!!

the adorable birthday boy! holding up a 'one' for his bday ;)

bennett and brooks with karrie and i

LOTS of little men

my favorite little man:)here we are last night at nick and katie's wedding.
it was so much fun! i feel like we look like kiddos here
like maybe we should be on 16 and pregnant since we have a baby?!
the best part of my week, and my life: waking up to

this face every morning!

there is nothing better than a sleeping baby...

with his feet crossed


even though bennett was four months old a few weeks ago, we just went to our doctor's apt. this week. our wayward doctor (and i say that jokingly because he was in Colorado with my mom and dad) was out of town for a few weeks and so our appointment got pushed back. he squeezed us in one afternoon last week to check out the little biscuit. bennett weighs just under 16 pounds (60th percentile) and is 25 inches long (40th percentile), his head is still in the 90th percentile... he continues to be very smart ;)

everything was great at his appointment except he has eczema. this isnt a big deal and we will just treat it as necessary and move on. i am so thankful that he continues to be healthy and everyday that we have our health and happiness, is another great day!

he sat up for the first time while we were there. it was kinda funny because the nurse asked me if he could rollover, smile, laugh, etc and i kept saying yes, yes, yes. and then she asked if he could sit up and i said no. about that time she sat him on the table and he just sat there... so i said 'well, i guess he can.'


i have SOOOOOO much enjoyed my week home with the little angel. i am sad that i go back to work tomorrow... but as i have said before, my job contributes to a lot of fun things that we get to do with him, and will get to do in the future. this week was so amazing, we just hung out, we ran errands, we slept in, stayed out too late, we watched fireworks, got our shots, spent time with friends, and i fell even more in love with that child every single day! he full on belly laughs at me every morning when i get him up. he really loves his momma these days and cries when i hand him off. i have been longing for the day when he started this ;)

we hope that everyone had a blessed weekend!!!!


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