Friday, July 1, 2011

in love with...

i am in loooove with this website! there are a few websites that i shop from religiously for stuff for bennett... they consist of: ralph lauren, etsy, zulily (even though it irritates me bc it takes FOREVER to come in), babyGap, and (my absolute favorite)! it amazes me every single time that i can order a ton of stuff and it will be here the next day... free overnight shipping!! they have everything you would ever need for a baby! here is what came today:


an adorable new activity mat

some stylish new undies :)

a new product that i am trying.. for washing bottles and pacis, etc. smells good and all natural

some more of his shampoo/body wash. this is the only kind that doesn't irritate his poor sensitive skin!
a couple extra bottles

my favorite baby product for his skin. he has had eczema and some baby acne since he was born and this stuff seems to really help calm his skin down! we have an apt with a dermatologist soon because he is always itching his poor little head and his legs get all red in the creases :( poor sweetie! but this cream seems to help soothe it... its a bit pricey, but totally worth it!


if you havent checked out this website, you need to!

we hope that everyone has a lovely holiday weekend! my summer shutdown officially started today! 9 days with the boys!! i have a 'to do' list a mile long that i plan to accomplish next week, so i am going to try my best to be productive. i need to get some window treatments ordered for the house, write thank yous, buy some gifts, order a change of address card and finish bennetts baby book, and about 999 other things that i have successfully put off! ill keep ya posted on the progress ;)


John & Michelle said...

My hubby has asthma/allergies that force us to use EVERYTHING unscented! Our baby girl has never had skin trouble (even NO diaper rash) and I am so thankful for that! Hope it might help you too!

elizabeth said...

I work at a plastic surgeon's office and we sell calendula is a great moisturizer for your face!!! I love it!