Wednesday, August 17, 2011

florida 2011...

his very first time to lay eyes on the ocean

my sweet family

celebrating ollie's 6 month bday!!!!

taking it all in...

HILARIOUS!!!!! we said... 'charlie, put your hands on the

babies' and this is what we got :)

one of my ALL time favorites

our adorable babysitter, cassie, and our little man


our trip was absolutely amazing. we had the best week ever. bennett did SOOOOO well on the way down and back. he really loved the ocean. i think that it took him a bit to figure it out at first, but then he was so curious and couldnt take his eyes off it.

we played, we ate, we drank, we slept, we loved on our little ones, we shopped, we relaxed, we told stories, we made memories, and we had blast. thank you mimi and poppy for always making every day special and for taking us on a fabulous vacation. we love you very much!


back at home... this baby boy is turning into a full blown little man.... he sits and plays by himself for hours! he loooooves his alone time, which he 100% gets from his father. i for one never need alone time. sometimes bennett will be fussy and he just wants to go chill in his bed or sit and play with his toys by himself. makes momma sad bc i want to play :) not gonna lie though... sometimes it's nice to be able to get stuff done while he entertains himself.

as you can see below.. we also started feeding him this week. i started brown rice cereal on monday and he did great. he lapped up a bowl the first time, and every night since. i mixed it pretty thick tonight and he did great so i am going to start cooking all of my baby food this weekend. sweet taters are on the menu :)

as you can see... this milestone was well recorded.


every night when we put him to bed, i kiss his forehead and tell him that i love him to the moon and back and to have sweet dreams. i came home tonight from a meeting and jared had already put him to sleep, so i 'accidentally' woke him just so i could tell him.

we love you bennett william!!



Savoir-Faire said...

Precious Sarah... love when you update us on your life!

Brandi said...

Love all the pics, thanks for sharing!!!!!!

-Lauren said...

So sweet. Love that face. Looks you had a wonderful vacay!