Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what's for dinner?

(he is sticking his tongue out at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!!!!)
we are loving our baby food these days!!! i fired up the machine this past weekend and then again tonight. i love it! it's very easy (even though i had a few glasses of red wine tonight and messed it up)... luckily aunt jess was here to fix the problem(s). anywho, i made his batch for the next few days. he will have bananas for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch and green beans for dinner. lately i have been mixing up his rice cereal and adding the fruit for breakfast and then the vegetable for lunch and dinner. this way he gets a lot of good iron and protein. he has really started to pork up! he isnt the easiest baby to feed, but if i work with him for a few minutes, he will eat the whole bowl.
last weekend i even ventured to a place where i swore i would never go and thought i would never be.... ozark natural foods. jared and i both (mainly him and it's rubbed off on me) are not super into the natural foods/organic/green stuff. but after my family convinced me that i would be poisoning bennett if i made his baby food with anything other than organic food, i headed that way. i went to the produce section, the cash register and then out the door. i am not against other people being very 'granola' it's just not for me. however, i am willing to do everything i can for this little child of mine and if it means going to a place that smells like an armpit to get his food, i'll happily frequent it every weekend ;)
bennett is six months old tomorrow!!! i will do a post with his six month pics and what our little man has been up to!!!

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Auntie said...

Ha Ha! Before you know it, you will be shopping with me at Ozark Natural Foods every weekend for all of your groceries!