Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 month pics

we had bennett's six month pics taken by jessica ritchie a few weeks ago... couple things i would highly recommend: #1: jessica ritchie :) and #2: taking pictures at your home.
we loved the way they turned out. i love how she got his real smile, his goofy smile and everything in between. i love how they are all taken in our home rather than in a random place. they just all feel very warm to me, because this is where we spend everyday as a family. love, love, love them. and my little man.

my favorite smile that he does, you only see it if you're really funny!
this is my all time fav pic of him (so far). of course, i had to get it in a 2ftx3ft
for the living room ;)

kiss, kiss

our family.

on 'the family bed'
ha! that's a whole different post!


what happened to my little itty, bitty baby that couldn't push me away to take off to another room?!?! this was just seven months ago... look how much he has changed and grown up!!!!!!!!!

i love you bennett bear. you have stolen my heart.


Melissa said...

Cute stuff! We plan on doing Harper's 6-month pictures in our home. I think it's a great idea.

Brandi said...

ADORBS!!!!! Love the pics!! Dying over your dress, where did u find it...I need/want it!!! THANKS!

-Lauren said...

So so presh!