Wednesday, October 5, 2011

mimi's birthday and catch me if you can....

my loves :)
had to strip down because the banana covered spoon
made a mess of us!mimi's favorite dessert (other than TCBY) :)

her little helper.... 1st attempt to blow out the candles
by the third time.... charlie was giving it his best. those

darn trick candles, will get ya every time!

we celebrated my mom's birthday this evening. doesn't she look great at 35 ;)

we had everyone over for taco night, dessert and of course, presents. she got some lovely items from the fam! i am jealous of her new razorback necklace that dad got her, and her facial, pedi, new statue... she racked up!

if anyone deserves a lovely birthday, it is her. my mom is the most loving, caring, trustworthy, kind, selfless person i know. she would do anything for her family. don't get me wrong, she's not one of those women who doesn't take care of herself (as you can see, she is still very fabulous) but she gives her ALL to us and my dad. she takes such good care of bennett and oliver while my sister and i work. this seriously is something you cannot ever, ever, thank someone enough for. its funny because i can't even count the times that we have been in public and people ask who takes care of the babies and we say that our mom does... often times the response is 'wow, that's something i don't know that i could do' or 'wow, i cant believe she gives up everything to keep them' and my favorite is 'bless that woman, she has her hands full!' and yes, she does. but those people are right when they say that they could not do what she does, most people couldn't, or wouldn't. i thank the Lord every night for my family and for the blessings that we have. as a mother (and any mother would probably agree), your child's well being is the single most important thing in your world and the single thing that is constantly on your mind regardless of where you are. i am able to have peace throughout my days because of my mom. thank you, mom, for all that you do and all that you are. and thank you dad for always working so hard to allow for mom to be able to keep the boys. we love you guys so very much!

and in other news... bennett has decided that he would like to become mobile. i thought he was independent before, wheeeeeeeeeewwwww, he is one on-the-move little man these days. he is pulling up on all kinds of stuff, crawling, trying to stand, and bumping his head all too often. i seriously googled "helmets for infants" earlier and it was some pretty funny stuff. jared said that is ridiculous and this is part of him growing up, but my nerves are shot by bedtime because he is constantly on the verge of hurting himself :(
i know that this is a phase (that will last a while, and only get worse) but it is an adjustment for sure. i love that he is exploring and active, and we encourage him (mainly his daddy) to try and walk, pull up, etc, but it's just something new to get used to! one thing is for certain: he is growing up and changing every single day, right before our eyes.
we are off to bed!
we hope that everyone is having a happy hump day!!!!!!!

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Brandi said...

Sweet pics!!! Love those eye lashes!! Ok, loving your dress in the pic on your header of blog..I need it!!!! Where did u get it, adorbs!!!!!!!