Friday, June 10, 2011


not happy about being naky in church...

wardrobe changes are not so much fun in public

with our wonderful priest, father john

his fabulous booties that our dear friend,

jenn, sent him to wear, so special!

bennett was baptized on may 7. it was a perfect day. we had a small get together at my mom and dad's with some family and friends before his baptism. he was such an angel during the entire ceremony and it was a special day for all. my sister, jess and my brother in law, mark, are bennetts godparents... he is one blessed little boy. two weeks later, jared and i were fortunate enough to become oliver's godparents. some of the pics are mixed in, but i need to get more from ollie's baptism. they both wore the same gown, the one that charlie, my dad, my uncles and my grandfather were all baptized in... how cool is that?!

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Tess Labeth said...

So sweet Sarah! He's perfect. Miss seeing you!