Sunday, June 26, 2011

summer weekend

this weekend jar wanted to teach me how to open our tcby. we wanted to make sure i could run the show in the event that he is out of town and something comes up, or whatever the case could be. neither one of us is there that often these days, but you just never know. so saturday and sunday mornings we got up early and drove up there as a family ;)

this morning baby bear was still half way asleep so we took him in his jammies! i told him it was pajama day at work so he wouldnt be embarrassed :)

we had a great time opening the store together. it is really cute watching jar teach me and the kiddos that work for us how to do everything. he is so passionate about what he does and he's really good at it. it may seem like the last thing you would want to do on weekend mornings, but honestly it is really fun and we have a blast while we are there together. as jar says 'its our special time to work together for our family.'

bennett is always a perfect angel while we are there. he never fusses and he just sits there and watches us get everything ready. we stop to change him/feed him and the kiddos at the store looooove him. they are all great with him.

here he is today in his big boy swimsuit!
this was the first time he stood in the pool...
he's thinking that this is the biggest bath tub he's ever seen!

not quite so sure...

he did pretty good. i let him hang his tootsies over the edge so he could kick around and he thought that was funny. what a big boy!
i got my new company car this weekend and we love it! it is the first SUV i have ever had, its a mazda cx-7 and its the perfect size for the three of us! the above pic is my favorite part... its fabulous to be able to open the back and have a good place to change him and let him stretch out! last night we sat on the back and ate yogurt in the parking lot and enjoyed the awesome weather!

we hope that everyone had a happy weekend. i have 5 days of work and then i am off for 9 days! my company shuts down for a 'summer shutdown' to give everyone a break and i cannot wait! i am so looking forward to spending it with my little man (and my big man, too)!



Lindsey said...

The pool pics are just too cute!!

Auntie Jess said...

I love the pic of him in his bed. He looks like a baby doll! What a honey! Tell him Auntie loves him!