Tuesday, April 10, 2012

beach baby

every summer, we take a trip to florida. we have done this every year of my life. this year, we are going in the summer, but made an extra trip around spring break. it was amazing. we got SO lucky with the weather, we loved the place we stayed.... we ate good food, and had good cocktails, best.trip.ever!
overall, bennett did fantastic in the car. it was at this point of the car ride that he would only stay calm if he was biting my finger as hard as possible ;)
don't get me wrong, i had several small panic attacks and even considered turning around at times, but we pulled through! i will say that it's the first 4-6 hours that are tough because you are so far from the finish line and you have no idea how the next 8 hours will go... once you're halfway, it's smooth sailing.
in the pic below, he was laughing hysterically at a cheese square. this kept him nice and entertained for a good 8 minutes. ;)
and then he slept....
checking out the beach with daddy!
he wasnt so sure for the first part of the trip, but by the 3rd or 4th day he realized he liked it.

my element...

love this pic of the 3 of us :)
we were with miller on his bday!!!
this t shirt has recently become a new favorite. it is so comfy!!

we strolled along seaside in the wagon.....
good family pic! before we grabbed dinner from the airstream trailers and had a picnic :)

this still cracks me up... while we were there, bennett developed a large aversion to diaper changing time/clothes changing time/swimsuit changing time... i think it was all the changing. there are a lot of wet clothes and diapers at the beach, comes with the territory. anyway, one night before bed we couldnt get him to quit his fit so i handed him his bottle and ta-da, he gave it to himself! hilarious to me for some reason! yep! it's time to stop the bottle. and we are working on it....
my buddy.

the boys chowing down at our one night in...

date night....
charlie at his donut truck!
Popsicle break!
sweet char baby!!!
the next few pics are some of my absolute favorites.... the boy LOVES his daddy. and still prefers him a million times over me. (that's another post). :)

our little family of three on our last day...
until next time, florida, we will miss you!

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