Friday, April 20, 2012

reasons to celebrate!

our precious nephew, charlie, turned FOUR on April 10. We celebrated on his birthday with presents, pizza and of course, cake. we got him some water toys, a new blow up pool and the above car raft (which he popped part of within 3 minutes)... and he thought it was pretty cool until mimi and poppy got there with the lightning mcqueen you see below... ha! i think the one they got him is similar to the race cars you see at lokomotion, the ones you have to show your drivers license to ride.... im pretty sure it goes faster than my company car! he had a fantastic day! we love you charlie, so so much. you'll always have a giant place in my heart, i love you like you are my own!!
last saturday we headed to eli's house to celebrate his bday! and i didn't even get a pic of the birthday boy! not sure how that happened.... but bennett was super excited to have his own piece of pizza!me any my boy.. this pic made me laugh because my knees almost look like huge boobs.. i can assure you that is a false image. ha!
our ali and miller. love them so so much!
after eli's birthday, we headed to charlie's birthday party at boingo bounce! it was 'charlie's chocolate party' and my sister made it so so cute and special for him. he and all of his buddies had a blast!!
bennett and daddy had fun jumping too!

our adorable nephew, oliver

baby emerson was in from chicago! it was so fun seeing him! i think he and bennett have a lot of similar features! isn't he a doll??
blowing out his candles!
earlier this week, we went to our friend's box at the baseball game to celebrate knox and brooks! they turn one today!!!! michelle and brandon wanted to do a boy party for them and then a girl party for ava, so we of course attended the baseball party! we will be celebrating all three of them tomorrow at their birthday bash!!!
even though bennett didn't attend ava's princess party, he asked me to drive him to get her a present ;)
i handed it to him and he carried it inside to her.... melt my heart.
and here she is modeling her new outfit. we love you ava! you are a stunning little angel and we can't wait to watch you grow. i hope that you keep all of these boys in line for years to come!

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Melissa said...

Harper is going to be in Knox, Brooks, and Ava's class at First School next year! They seem like sweet kids and I noticed that today is their birthday - so they are about two weeks older than Harper. Also, my mom got Harper that same cute outfit you got Ava for Easter! Hopefully they won't show up to school wearing the same outfit - although it would be pretty amusing!