Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Home... For good!

I got back from my work trip late last night and it felt so good to unpack and know I would be home for a while. I was finished with my meeting at 4:00 yesterday and I had nothing to do but stare at the wall in the airport, by myself, until 8:25! How depressing! Oh well, seemed terrible then, not so bad looking back. Isnt that always the case?
Anyway, I went to the doctor on Monday to find out that I am totally healthy! She said my blood work was "disgusting" it was so good! And that I must work out and have a great family history to have the numbers I do...that would be nice, however, neither are the case. I guess I am just blessed with healthy genes! Anyway, she recommended that I not go totally veggie and replace it with cheese and carbs (which I should have figured wasn't going to cut it), but rather, I should eat lean white meat and avoid red meat and do it all in moderation. Also, she recommended that I start a work out plan to continue to stay healthy :( There is something about your doctor telling you to do it that makes you feel guilty if you don't, like you don't care about your health or something. So.. I need advice from all of you out there on a good routine that works for women who have a career, family, friends etc.. because nothing has worked for me in the past! (at least not for more than two weeks anyway). The problem is that I am not a morning person, but I don't want to go after work either, HA! Don't know where that leaves me! But let me know if any of y'all have a routine that is manageable, I would appreciate it! Also, I have been looking on the Internet at "Pre Pregnancy" care, just because I want to have my body in good condition when the day comes, (probably a while from now) and all the checklists say that I should first visit a doctor. She said that since my blood work was great, just to take a prenatal vitamin and that's it. Now that that's over, I just need to talk Jared into getting pregnant!! He is starting to soften up on the issue more and more, especially that Charlie is around. He just needs to finish his masters because it is a lot for him to have to work full time and go to school, and I totally get that. The best things in life are worth waiting for, right? I think so!
This weekend Jared is heading to Austin for the game and a bachelor party, assuming hurricane Ike stays away. I am planning on walking in the Memory Walk on Saturday. This is last minute and I hadnt planned on doing it since Jared is going to be gone, but one of my doctors asked me to do it today and I hope that it is not too late.. I'll find out tomorrow.
We are off to have dinner with Mark, Jess and Charlie!
Hope yall are having a good hump day!


Meredith said...

I know it must feel good to be home! Charlie needs a nephew, NOW:)!

Meredith said...

Hmmm...I guess I meant to say COUSIN! Oops:)!