Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skinny Woman!

OK, I know it's been almost forever since I said I would write about the book I read on my trip. So... here it goes. I read the book Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman. For those of you that don't know me, I rarely read books, my mom had given me this one a few days before we left for Detroit. I have found that reading books helps with my enormous fear of flying (which I must say, has not been as bad lately). Anyway, it was sort of a fluke thing that I came across this book and actually read it.
What I learned from it: if you believe everything they say, you will only eat/drink about 5 different things from here on out. However, they do give good advice on simply thinking about what you put in your body. I knew I was in trouble at the beginning when she says "beer is for frat boys, not skinny bitches, give it up!" No, I am not an alcoholic, yes, I do like to have a beer here and there so that is not something I am giving up! So, after reading all the food/drinks/habits that they say that we should give up in order to be healthy, I decided to give up a couple that would be fairly easy for me. I have given up diet sodas (I didn't drink the real thing anyway) and all meat. Surprisingly, the sodas have been harder than the meat, I miss Diet Dr. Pepper so bad!!! I am not doing this to lose weight, but more for the health benefits that they stress in the book. I understand that some people have EXTREMELY opposing views to this and that's just fine- I am not saying that others cannot drink sodas and eat meat. I also understand that this book in it's entirety is not based on all facts, it is however, very similar to The China Study that has made a lot of people nationwide concerned with nutrition in America. Something has to be causing all this disease, right?? Anyway, I am not certain that I will stick to this for eternity, you may see me with a Hot Dog and a Diet DP in a few months :) !! I am just giving it a shot for 30 days and seeing if I feel any real benefit. If you are interested in knowing more about the things we eat and drink, read the book! It's a super easy read and quite funny!
Quick funny story that will explain the title for this post: the other day I was visiting with one of my physicians that I call on (who is so sweet and soft spoken) and we were discussing the diet he has done for the past several years and he was asking me about the things I have given up, etc, etc .... toward the end of our conversation he said, "So, you said you read a book that inspired all this, what book did you read?" I couldn't imagine myself saying the word "bitch" to him so I fumbled around and spit out, "Uhh, the Skinny Woman." Ha! He will probably see the book on a shelf and realize that I was just too embarrassed to cuss!!
Hope everyone is having a great week! Aren't four day weeks the best?!?


Mandy said...

It is so funny to me that you just read this book because a good friend of mine just got done reading it too! She swears that she will never drink milk again! I told her not to tell me anything about it because I love milk!! I guess I might have to break down and read it though!

Christie said...

so today i had the tv on while i was working and after a while, ellen came on. and she had the authors of skinny bitch on. of course i thought of you....! it was funny hearing ellen talk about the book and the authors talk about all that it talks about. did you know there is a cook book too...skinny bitch kitch. you should look into that with this lifestyle change. great to see you last week!