Friday, September 12, 2008

King Louie and Baby Charlie!

What a sweetheart!
Charlie and I

Charlie wearing Louie's Crown!
He is dressed as a duck!
Jared and Louie, Halloween 2007

He knew it was coming!
His full costume, crown and all!
What a funny face, he is so mad at me here!
I got to watch Charlie a few times this week while Jess got some things done and I took some cute pics of him in his dipie! I unbuttoned his onesie when Jess dropped him off because I wanted to see his "Big Boy Diaper" that he is in now, a Pampers Cruiser. Then I took a few pics of him sporting his new look. I love the way babies look in just a diaper, you can really see how cute they are and how soft their skin is! He seems to really like the camera lately. Enjoy!
Now on to our baby Louie. I always dress him up for Halloween for the kids that come to the door to see. Since Jared and I are usually not dressed up and we don't have children to dress up, poor Louie gets the raw end of the deal. I couldn't wait until Halloween to post how funny he looks in his King Louie costume that I found today! I also posted one from last year when he was a duck! HA! When I first got him, three years ago, I had the cute and trendy Juicy dog carrier and all kinds of clothes for him. Quickly after that, the carrier went into the closet and he typically sports his birthday suit (unless its cold out and he is going on his daily walk). In that case, he wears a turtleneck :)
You can see how happy sweet Louie is about his King Louie costume. I don't think he feels like royalty in it, but it sure is cute!
This year, our good friends, Allison and Andrew are having a Halloween party so Louie might get out of wearing his costume on the actual night. Now, we just need to find costumes for Jared and I. I want to go all out this year since it is on a Friday and we actually get to celebrate. I'll keep you posted on ideas!

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