Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie, the Weekend and Yummy Dinner

Charlie and Lou Lou
me, Anna and Allison
Happy Birthday Candice!
Yummy Dinner
We have had a great couple of days around here. We were really sad when Charlie left on Saturday, but we have heard that he is having a great time, so that makes us very happy. Saturday night we got a text that said they had been at the park all day and Charlie was doing really well :)
My best friend, Anna, came to town to see me on Saturday. We went to Candice's bday party Saturday night. It was really fun, Happy actual Birthday Candice!! Then, Jared, Anna and I went to Taco Bell and came home. Classic :) We had a pretty low key evening and Anna and I were able to just catch up. It was great.
Sunday night we had pizza with the fam and tried to go to bed early but because of the time change, it was tough... I think I hit snooze 12 times this morning. Maybe tomorrow will be a different story.
I went to Richard's this afternoon and got some fresh fish, fingerling potatoes and asparagus for dinner tonight. It was delicious! We are trying to eat well in prep for swimsuit season, so I figured I would start cooking yummy but healthy meals. I have even been working out :) We are feeling happy and healthy around here and can't wait til Spring!!
Have a great week, tomorrow is hump day already!!

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My name is Megan... said...

SO ready for spring!!! Cute pics. I miss Richard's!