Sunday, March 15, 2009

weekend review

We had a joyous weekend around here.. Friday we had dinner with friends at Mojitos, the new Mexican Restaurant in town. I thought the food was good, they had just opened and were a little overwhelmed... I slept in til 10 on Saturday, then stayed in bed watching Food Network for 2 more hours :) I love Saturday mornings where I have nothing to do. Last night, I made soup for Jared, mom and dad and we just hung out. I helped my mom start a blog, check it out here. I lost my tennis match earlier today :( I thought I played pretty well. I ended up playing singles because part of our team didn't show up. Jared and dad said that I wasn't "moving my feet" enough. I told them that I didn't see them out there playing :) Jared says that I always ask for constructive criticism then argue that what he says isn't true. Do I do that? I think I may :) Either way, win or lose, I had fun and got some good practice. I really do heart tennis.
I'm off to catch up on some work stuff.
Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!


Melissa said...

I like the music on you blog!

CAMoore said...

whats your moms email address?