Saturday, August 1, 2009

Boyfriend Jeans

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are meant to be rolled up at the bottom so that the cuff sits just above the ankle.

Because this style is meant to sit low on the hips, it works on both curvy and straight bodies. If you are petite or have a short waist, even out proportions by cuffing jeans with a smaller roll.

Consider what you are going to pair with your boyfriend jeans. In order to maintain a look that is both casual and feminine, it’s best to stick with slim-fitting tops and girly footwear.

If you choose to pair your boyfriend jeans with masculine pieces such as a button-down cotton flannel, be sure to show off your feminine features by cinching your waist with a belt, slipping into a bold pair of shoes, and accessorizing with chunky bracelets.

On cooler days try pairing your cuffed boyfriend jeans with a pair of patterned socks or stockings.

If you do decide to wear a pair of men’s jeans, make sure they fit! Find a pair that fit you through the waist and hips, and do opt for a straight leg. Men’s bootcut and flared denim don’t work quite as well for this cuffed denim trend. But there’s no need to cross-dress or borrow your honey’s denim.


I got fabulous bf jeans today and I found this article and thought I would share with all of you. I like this trend!

Happy Weekend!


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Amber said...

i love my bf jeans! they are so comfy!