Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

The title of this post explains why I haven't been updating lately... Other than giving my all to my new job.. I have been lazy!
I did want to brag on my fabulous husband for a sec... he (and his team) received an award today at Bud Walton called the "John A. White Award" for the work they did with Tears For Life. They showed a video on them and then presented the award in front of all the upcoming freshman. I was so proud of that boy!! Good job Jared... you continue to amaze me. Here is the video:
Here are a couple pics from our cookout this evening. We had a wonderful time with family and friends! I will post more pics when I upload the ones off my camera :)
Have a fabulous week!!!!


Effie said...

How awesome was that video??!! Way to go Jared!!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Everyone needs lazy days sometimes!! They are so nice!