Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last night I drove to Fort Smith to stay the night with Mo. Jared is at Wake Forest this weekend for another competition so I thought it would be a perfect time to go see my MoMo. We had dinner at Rolando's and it was all that I had heard it was... very delicious! Thanks for taking me Mo and Jo! After dinner, we got out our old yearbooks and started with 1996 (7th grade). I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. We had not revisited those in a realllly long time, if ever. I swear, we remembered each and every person and literally laughed until we cried. If you haven't gone back through your old yearbooks, I highly recommend it! In addition to our yearbooks, we read her journal from when we were 13. In almost every "entry" she talked about me as her best friend and how she knew she could get through anything if she had me... Here we are twice the age we were then and still best friends. Isn't life grand?
Keep your fingers crossed for Jared and his team... they are presenting now! Go Jared!!
Have a lovely Saturday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Egg Salad

I have been CRAVING egg salad for the last.... probably 3 months. Odd, I know. We went to Tulsa after Christmas and Effie had Egg Salad at Queenies and ever since then, I've wanted it :) Weird!
So, on Sunday, I made some and I am sad to say that I finished it a few minutes ago. This means that I ate way too much of it in two days!!
Here is the recipe:
8 eggs
1/2 C Mayo, more or less
1/2 C Dijon Mustard
Salt/Pepper to taste
Dash of Paprika
Half of a Red Onion-- Diced fine
3 sticks of celery-- Diced fine
Scoop of relish
Put the eggs in a pot, pour cold water over them and bring to a boil. Boil for about 12 minutes. Run cold water over them and peel. Chop up the eggs and mash them with a fork. Mix with all other ingredients and refrigerate. Serve alone or on toast. It is even better the next day! Enjoy!
Side Note: I am definitely not pregnant... but I have been craving the weirdest things lately! Earlier while I was working on my computer, I thought to myself... I am going to eat the rest of the egg salad, and I wanted peanut butter and red wine at the same time... Is that normal???? Don't think so. But, what did I do?? I had the rest of my salad, ate a scoop of peanut butter and enjoyed some red wine. Ahh.. nothing like satisfying a craving, regardless of what it is :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Week

Charlie's profile... and fingers and toes
Silly neighborhood girlies
This is what I saw on the way back from Mt. Home
today... the fence was down and there were goats
all over the place!!! Only in Arkansas...HAPPY Hour with my girlfriends

me, Steph and Sarah at Theo's

It's been a good week around the Greer household. We have just been working and hanging out. I thoroughly enjoyed the NICE weather. I sat on my driveway Monday after work and soaked up the sun. It was actually a funny site... I had the radio from my car playing, sitting in a lawn chair and Louie on his leash that was attached to the chair. I told him that we probably looked silly. Nevertheless, we soaked up the rays and pretended that we were at the beach on Spring Break. It was awesome :)

Last night I stayed the night in Mountain Home for work. I had a breakfast at an office over there, so it made sense to stay the night. It wasn't as bad as I thought... I got done working around 5 then went for a massage. Jared said that only I would find a place for a massage in Mt Home.. Ha! The place came highly recommended and was all it was cracked up to be. I also got a lot of work done and Chili's to-go was the highlight of my evening. I was glad to be home today. I went to Happy Hour with my girlfriends tonight and then Jared and I went on a date to get sushi. Yummy!! We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy half Anniversary

Pics from when we were engaged...

Building our house.. He always got embarrassed when I would take
pics in front of all the construction workers :)

Is it me, or do we look a lot younger in these photos??

I noticed on our little counter from our blog that Jared and I have been married for 2 and a half years today :) When I was smaller, we celebrated half birthdays... so I thought I would post about our half anniversary. Although I didn't realize it was today until I saw the counter :) Hey, that's what it there for, right?
Not too much has changed since our two year anniversary. It seems like yesterday that I was saying happy 2 years to him and thinking that maybe in the next year of our marriage we would have a baby, or different jobs, or a different house... and here we are, a half a year later and not a single one of those things have happened. One thing that has happened is that I have learned to live for today and be happy with where we are, instead of always looking toward the future. Another thing, I find myself loving him more and more each day that goes by. Bless that man for putting up with me and adoring me the way that he does :)
I hope everyone is having a good week. I got a new boss and I get to meet him tomorrow. He seems super nice and I am looking forward to getting to know him!
Talk soon,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

weekend review

We had a joyous weekend around here.. Friday we had dinner with friends at Mojitos, the new Mexican Restaurant in town. I thought the food was good, they had just opened and were a little overwhelmed... I slept in til 10 on Saturday, then stayed in bed watching Food Network for 2 more hours :) I love Saturday mornings where I have nothing to do. Last night, I made soup for Jared, mom and dad and we just hung out. I helped my mom start a blog, check it out here. I lost my tennis match earlier today :( I thought I played pretty well. I ended up playing singles because part of our team didn't show up. Jared and dad said that I wasn't "moving my feet" enough. I told them that I didn't see them out there playing :) Jared says that I always ask for constructive criticism then argue that what he says isn't true. Do I do that? I think I may :) Either way, win or lose, I had fun and got some good practice. I really do heart tennis.
I'm off to catch up on some work stuff.
Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

tennis thursday

I have been shopping around for a lot of tennis stuff lately, and let me tell you, there is plenty to shop for! It is like a whole new world of clothes, gear, shoes, and accessories that I didn't even know existed!! Here are some fabulous items that I discovered tonight! Aren't these outfits yummy? I bought new tennis shoes last week and I really like they way they feel. I bought them at our pro shop, but you can find them online. They look like this:

We have a match this Sunday and I hope we win!!! We lost last weekend and I was really pissed :) Wish us luck! I think I am going to practice on Saturday with my dad if the weather is nice. I can't wait for Spring and Summer when I can play outside in beautiful weather!!

I hope that everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

special day

Today I had the honor of going to a luncheon for Life Styles. For those of you that are unfamiliar... this is their mission.
"Life Styles enthusiastically supports individuals with disabilities in achieving their full potential as contributing members of the community."
I have been able to get involved with these great people over the past year or so, through my friend and coworker, Jeannie Moore. Today at the luncheon, she received the "Volunteer of the Year Award"!!! We knew that she was going to be accepting the award, and her mom and sisters had come to town to see her, but she had NO CLUE! Jeannie is one of the most humble, generous, and giving people I know and although she was shocked to be receiving this great award, she truly deserved it! The look on her face was priceless!! Here are some pics from today, they are tiny on here... I didnt have my camera :(
Congrats Jeannie!
Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charlie, the Weekend and Yummy Dinner

Charlie and Lou Lou
me, Anna and Allison
Happy Birthday Candice!
Yummy Dinner
We have had a great couple of days around here. We were really sad when Charlie left on Saturday, but we have heard that he is having a great time, so that makes us very happy. Saturday night we got a text that said they had been at the park all day and Charlie was doing really well :)
My best friend, Anna, came to town to see me on Saturday. We went to Candice's bday party Saturday night. It was really fun, Happy actual Birthday Candice!! Then, Jared, Anna and I went to Taco Bell and came home. Classic :) We had a pretty low key evening and Anna and I were able to just catch up. It was great.
Sunday night we had pizza with the fam and tried to go to bed early but because of the time change, it was tough... I think I hit snooze 12 times this morning. Maybe tomorrow will be a different story.
I went to Richard's this afternoon and got some fresh fish, fingerling potatoes and asparagus for dinner tonight. It was delicious! We are trying to eat well in prep for swimsuit season, so I figured I would start cooking yummy but healthy meals. I have even been working out :) We are feeling happy and healthy around here and can't wait til Spring!!
Have a great week, tomorrow is hump day already!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our dog Charlie

This weekend our lab, Charlie, will be going to a new home. I haven't even posted about all of this because we found a family really fast, although we have been thinking about finding him another home for a long time. Charlie became really depressed when Lucky died and we thought it would get better with time, but it just hasn't :( We have tried everything to make him happy again... new toys everyday, making him an inside dog, and probably 20 rawhides a day... but nothing has helped. He just cries all day and night in loneliness. We considered getting another dog, but we would find ourselves in this situation again when Charlie got old, and we aren't home enough to be able to give three dogs the attention they need. So, last weekend, we decided that we would ask around and see if any perfect situation would come up. Sure enough, an OR nurse at a hospital that we call on was looking for another dog for her kids and a companion for their dog. She and her family came over last night and they were totally adorable. The kids are 5, 8 and 10 and they loved Charlie. The oldest boy said that he will sleep in the bed with him every night, which Charlie will LOVE. They brought their dog with them and she and Charlie got along great. I think they will be best buddies. Even though it is really sad that he is leaving, we are happy for him and we know its what is best. It is odd to think that we were a family of 5 six months ago and after tomorrow, it will just be Jared, Louie and I, a small family of 3.
We hope that everyone has a great weekend, enjoy the wonderful weather!