Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wooo Pig Sooie!

Mark, Daddy and Jared
Jared, Jimbo and Jordan

Jared and I

Go Casey!

So, it's finally here! The first Razorback game has officially come and gone... what a close call! We started the day about 11 am at Jess and Mark's house with bar-b-q and drinks. Then we headed down to the stadium and made the rounds. We ended up selling our tickets and sitting with Jimbo and our new friend, Andrew. Andrew is a urology resident in KC and he and Jimbo grew up together. We had a great time with them, thanks for the tickets guys! The poor kids that Jared sold our tickets to seriously over payed! He could sell glasses to a blind person!! Anyway, we enjoyed the game and then continued to tailgate until about midnight at the Boerner's apartment. We missed you Steph!! Poor Andrew ended up answering medical questions for about an hour after all the boys had been "overserved", it went from bad to worse. Being the only girl there, I was ready to head home! It was great to see all of our friends this weekend, we look forward to all the weekends to come! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day, I will be relaxing and working on my tan for two days, can't wait!!
Here are a couple pics from game day!

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