Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday and Baby Shower

Bethany and her friendsJared trying to decided what to order, such a cutie :)
She was standing on her chair, while everyone sang
"Happy Birthday".... At Shogun, they also do this
disco flashing light thing that is a little over the top if you ask me!

D'Andre with Charlie at Panera
Julie with a cute little lion toy
Sarah, me, Allison, Bethany The Girls

On Tuesday of this week, Jared and I went to Shogun for my sister-in-law's bday. Bethany turned 20 and is a sophomore at the U of A. Here are some pics of her and her bf Taylor, and some of their friends. We had a great time celebrating with her! We love you Bethany, Happy 20th!
I took a study day on Thursday this week and got caught up on a lot of my reading and tests for my two new products that I will sell starting Jan 5. I studied all morning at the house, then met my friend and counterpart, D'Andre at Panera around lunchtime. We studied there until 5:30!! We got a lot done... still have a ways to go, but will get there. Charlie and mom came to have lunch with us and here is a pic of him and D'Andre.
On Thursday, my bunco group had a baby shower for our friend, Julie. She is having a little baby boy in January and she is doing great. We went to dinner at Crabby's and she opened gifts there. It was so much fun!! I think she got some good stuff for her little one that will be here really soon.. cant wait to meet him!
Here are some pics from the week.
Today I am going to Christmas and Birthday shop. Steph, Anna, Jared and Monica all have bdays coming up! Just inching their ways closer to 30 :)
I think I'll stay 25 forever, its a great age!
Then, after we shop, mom is wanting us to get dressed and go to the University to take some pics for her Christmas card, I'll post them when we get done, hopefully Charlie is on his best behavior :)
Have a good weekend, GO HOGS!

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