Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Secret Vacation!

We have been planning a trip for 6 months that is a total surprise! Our friend Jimbo asked us 6 months ago if we wanted to go to Grand Cayman with him and Steph for her bday. It is a total surprise to her that we are coming and I can't wait to get there and see her!! She is going to be so confused!!! She and Jimbo flew out of Springfield this am and just took off from Atlanta.... so I know she wont be reading this until she gets back! Jared and I are sitting in Charlotte about to board here in a sec. We are so excited to go and have been looking forward to this for a long time! We have so much fun stuff planned while we are there, I will post tons of pics when we return. We will be there for seven days, so I will be absent from blogging :) I will also be absent from my phone, email, work, and all the other busy things in life. Just relaxing with my wonderful husband and good friends.
Here is a pic of the resort, I plan on being at that swim up bar in less than 5 hours :)
PS- my sister has a new hair color, this is big in our family, go to her blog and check it out!

Talk soon,

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