Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween and A Fun Game!

He loved his candy! Sweet little puppy dog!
Mario and Princess Peach
The Boys
The Girls
Mom and Daddy
Jared and I at the Boerner's
The Last Tailgate at the Apartment :( Steph and I at the game
The stadium.. what a game! Go Hogs!

Happy Halloween!!
Before we left to head out for the evening, we waited for a special Trick or Treater to arrive... a sweet puppy dog named Charlie! Uncle and I fixed him a cute little pumpkin full of candy (that his dad probably ate). He looked so sweet in his costume!! They headed off to a party with tons of little ones for the evening.
We had such a great time at our friend's Allison and Andrew's Halloween party! Steph and Jimbo had us over for pizza before the party and then we all went over there together. She had gone all out for the party (no surprise, because she's always fabulous). She fixed punch with dry ice that was steaming over and bubbling. She even made koozies for a party favor, "Halloween with the Dolans 2008." How cute is that?!? The costumes were all creative, cute and funny! I loved all of them, I don't think I could decided on a favorite! Thanks for such a great time Allison and Andrew!
Saturday morning we woke up and went to Steph's apartment for the last tailgate ever at "the apartment." The apartments are being purchased and leveled at the end of the year by the University so they can be replaced with a parking deck :( I have had seven FUN years at the apartment and made countless memories there!! We will miss that place so much, but we know the next place they find will be just as fun!
After the GREAT game, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Jess, Mark, Bethany, Jordan and our good friends Nick and Jim. What an exciting game between Tech and UT. I don't even care about those teams and it managed to keep me entertained. We had such a fun time!!
Today I have been Christmas/Wedding/Birthday shopping online all morning!! I have found some fabulous items!! Can't wait for the holidays that are quickly approaching!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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