Sunday, April 12, 2009

Charlie's Birthday. Birthday Party. Easter.

Charlie and Uncle Jared

Charlie and Aunt Sarah

Charlie and his "ma-ma and da-da"
Jared and I at the party
Mimi and Pops... dad really went all out!

Sweet Baby Dillon, look at those cute cheeks!!

Queen Stella
Stella wondering why her name is on the adult beverage :)

Hide and Seek!

He was taking a little rest from all the excitement!
Time for presents
Jared making a MESSSSS... and attempting his first
shot at making "Mamaw's Famous Hot Rolls"...
let's just say they didn't turn out.
This is why men don't belong in the kitchen :)
It's safe to say we had a nonstop, fun weekend around here. Friday we had lunch as a fam to celebrate our nephew, Charlie's bday. He had so much fun and loved the balloons from Auntie and Uncle. Jared and I went to the baseball game on Friday night... we had fun even though we lost. Thankfully, we sat in Michelle's box so we didn't freeze.
We woke up Saturday and got ready for the party. We had an absolute blast with all the fam and the kiddos!! I later went and had a 90 minute massage that was so Heavenly :)
I have had a sore neck for weeks and it really helped.
Last night Jared and I cooked our items that we were in charge of for Easter lunch. I made deviled eggs, broccoli cheese casserole and green bean casserole. Jared's late Mamaw used to make "Famous Hot Rolls" and he just loves them... so he decided that he would attempt to make them. These are the kind that have to be kept cold over night, then rise for two hours, etc etc. You can see in the pics that he made a HUGE mess in the kitchen! I told him there were definitely "too many cooks in our kitchen" last night :) This morning he got up early to get them out so they could "rise" and we left them out while we went to church. I think he was anticipating the rise of the rolls the whole time we were gone. Unfortunately, we made it home and they had not budged!!! Poor Jared. He tried so hard! Ha!!
We went to Mom and Dad's and had a lovely lunch. I think there was 14 of us around the table. It was a wonderful Easter and reminded us of how much we have to be thankful for!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!


Taylor said...

I love the pictures from Charlie's birthday party! I am honored we made it on the blog! You are getting pretty good with that camera!! Happy Easter!!

Effie said...

So precious!!! Looks like y'all had a wonerful time. So excited to see you and hopefully the fam this weekend!!


Leigh Collins said...

I can't believe Charlie is 1! Gosh, time flies by - we'll blink and we'll be seeing you guys at the beach again! Just think (and remind Jess) how easy he was last year and how crazy we were with our little ones! This year you guys will be all over the place too and you can forget the 6 of you all laying around watching him sleep on the beach! Ha! Welcome to our world! Now, maybe we can switch roles and WE will be the ones actually sitting down while the girls play! Yea right! I can always dream! I love that you parents got so "decked" out in the cowboy attire! Happy Easter!

My name is Megan... said...

you guys are SO cute!! Charlie is a doll. I am loving that western theme too! I love parties :)