Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun Weekend in Little Rock and Exciting News!

The Ducks on the red carpet :)

Anna, me and Brita before dinner

Jared and I headed to Little Rock on Thursday night to prepare for the Governor's Cup that he competed in this weekend. The Governor's Cup is a state wide competition similar to the ones that he has already competed in. The difference is that the previous ones were national and this was just teams from our state. We stayed at the Peabody and I got to see the famous ducks! I was really excited about this :) Jared made sure that I was down there in time and was telling people how pumped I was... they were looking at me like.. "she must not get out much." They came riding down in the elevator, pranced on the red carpet, went up the stairs and.. Splash! into the water. They stay there all day then go back up to the "Duck Palace" at 5.
Jared was pretty much tied up all weekend with practicing and competing so I went and spent time with my fabulous girlfriends. We ate lunch and shopped all day Friday. Brita and Anna went with me to watch Jared's team present on Friday afternoon. He did SO good, I was so proud of him.
After the competition, Anna, Brita and I went swimsuit shopping... it was hilarious. I think we tried on every suit that Gap Body had to offer. I ended up finding one that I really like, surprisingly enough. However, I will be hitting the gym before the summer months roll around.. if you know what I mean :)
Jared presented again this afternoon and his professor said that it was the best presentation she had ever seen!! It really was awesome, I hope they win! They find out April 28 and are up for $25,000.
Ok, now for the EXCITING NEWS.... Stephanie and Jimbo are ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been anxiously waiting for this moment to come and I am so excited and happy for them. We had just got home earlier tonight and I was unpacking and my phone was in the other room for no more than 5 minutes. Of course... in those five minutes, I missed her call! Never Fails! When I picked up my phone and had a missed call from her and Jimbo, I knew!! I called back and burst into tears on the phone with her, she sounded happier than I have ever heard her! She said that she was waiting on me to answer before she told anyone else. I CANT WAIT to help her plan the wedding and celebrate over and over again in the upcoming months. Congratulations Steph and Jimbo, we are so happy for you both!!
The newly engaged couple!
Jared, me, Jimbo and Steph in the Caymans

I am going to get some rest, I have a big day tomorrow.. I get to see Steph's ring, and I have a tennis match! (amongst a million other errands)
I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend!! This week is my nephew, Charlie's birthday week. We will be doing a lot of celebrating!
Talk soon!!


Kate said...

well congrats to the newly engaged!!!! BUT i saw the header on this and thought...oh...could it be?...a bun in the oven???? i had to fly over all the duck talk to see...don't do that to me again! :) but i would have been mad at you if i would have found out via blog...:)can we do lunch soon?

Mary Margaret said...

Yay for Stephanie! And Sarah, I think we have too much of the same clothes! I have that gray checked shirt too! But we both look cute it in it. :)

My name is Megan... said...

Cute pics!! I've never stayed at the Peabody and I want to! That is awesome about jared's competitions!! Congrats to stephanie!!!

Nina Riethmaier said...

How do you know Frank Bass? I found your blog on his blog. Small world. Hope you two are doing great! Come see the ducks in Memphis!