Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, Ribbon Cutting, Girls Weekend and a big Win!

Jared and I in our comfties on Easter
Daddy... Such a cute Easter Bunny!
Daniel, Bill and Mayor Lioneld Jordan!
Cutting the ribbon
Stella and Vivi
Sarah, Effie, Spears, Brita, Steph and Anna at Theos
Anna at Z330
My Girlies

Saturday night at Bordinos The Winners of the Tulane Business Competition
Here are a few pics from Easter... I didn't take any of us in our Easter clothes... it was raining and awfully nasty outside so we went for our jeans and sweater soon after church!
My friend, Jeannie, finished another home makeover for our friends Daniel and Billy. They are both consumers of Lifestyles and they live together here in Fayetteville. We redid Daniel's room a while back, but this time they redid his whole apartment, and Billy's room. I wasn't able to contribute to the remodel this time, but I went to the "Ribbon Cutting" as they called it. It was such a great celebration of their new home. Billy had invited everyone on their street... he was telling people that the mayor, the Governor, the news, etc. would be there... It was so sweet. One of Jeannie's friends called the mayor and told him the story, and he actually came!! How nice!!
This weekend, Jared went to New Orleans (more on that in a bit), so my best friends came to stay with me! We had the best time together!! I love those girls so much! We spent most of Saturday laying in my bed watching Sex and the City.. Four of us across and Spears long ways at our feet... This was just like college.. Except we have a king size bed to lay in rather than a Twin. Ha! We went to lovely dinners, hit up Dickson Street, and had the chance to really catch up. They are all doing so well. Brita is happily married and will be a doctor in a month (wow!), Effie is an art teacher and recently bought her own home, Anna loves her job as a nanny and will hopefully be engaged soon :), Spears is about to graduate from school as a speech pathologist, moved back to Tulsa and again.... hopefully be engaged soon (seriously Jake... it's been NINE years), Steph has a great job and is getting married in May of 2010!! What an exciting time!
As I said before.. Jared and his team went to Tulane this weekend for another competition. 87 teams submitted to the competition, only three were invited, winner take all.... and they WON FIRST PLACE!!! Way to go, Jared! I can't put into words how proud I am of him for all that he has done. He is home with me now, and I am so thankful for that!
I hope that everyone has a great week, looks like the weather is going to be perfect!


CAMoore said...

Congrats to Jared! Thats amazing...I'm sure you are one proud wifey! :)

My name is Megan... said...

cute pics! you girls are so pretty and I love the update...glad everyone is doing good & that ya'll stay in touch! congrats to jared, that is awesome!

Leigh Collins said...

I've got a little something for you on my blog so check it out when you get a chance!