Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girls Night

Tonight we went to Theo's to celebrate Steph's engagement. It was super fun!! I had a bunch of great pics but my camera is saying "memory card is damaged.. blah blah blah" so those pics are gone :( Luckily, I had put all other pics on my computer or those would be gone too. Could be worse. We had a great evening. I enjoyed wine, hummus, and way too much other food. I truly ate to the point that I felt sick! You would think I would learn that concept...
Tomorrow is Charlie's first birthday!!! Uncle and I have many fabulous gifts for him, we got them all wrapped up last night. I can't wait to celebrate his birthday tomorrow and on Saturday, at his party. He is such a big part of our lives and brings us such joy, I can't even remember what it was like before he was here. I keep thinking about a year ago tonight. We were all so excited, anxious and nervous about his arrival. It is weird to think that was an entire year ago... seems like yesterday. Earlier this evening I was reminded of a funny thing that happened when Jess was in labor. Jared was watching the Master's earlier and it reminded me of her delivery. I can remember when she was in labor, the Masters was on all day. Poor Jess was pushing and the men in the room would all be watching The Master's during her contractions. I remember the doctor just sitting down there during her contractions with his head turned toward the tv... he might as well have had cheese dip and a beer in the mean time. It was like.. "Hello, she is in pain here and trying to have a baby!!!!!" MEN!
Tomorrow evening Jared and I are going to the baseball game! I will post lots of pics from Charlie's big day!
Hope everyone has a fabulous Good Friday!


Angela said...

You know how much I hate camera issues!! I'm sure as Pops said, "it is operator error." ha! I had forgotten the Masters was on during the birth of our fabulous Grandson!! I don't remember much from that day or days after......where has a year gone?? I STILL can't believe our Charlie Man is ONE YEAR OLD...we need a new grandBABY! hint, hint :)
Love you Sarah Bear!!!!!

Mrs. Cole said...

Your sister came in the salon and said that he was a year old! The day before she had him last year we saw them at pesto and we ate pesto lastnight! I love her dark hair!