Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Things and Day 6

We went to a Crawfish Boil last night and it was so fun! Thanks Kate and Jason!! We enjoyed good weather, food, friends, beverages, and music. Coy did so great, I was truly impressed!
Today I have been getting some Spring things done around here. We started off the day by having breakfast on the back porch on our new chair cushions. (I can still buy things like that, so don't think I am cheating here). We had Rick's bakery and it tasted like Heaven. Then I went and purchased the six million gifts that I had on my list. I think I did well on all of them :) After my gift purchasing, I made my Spring/Summer wreath, and had my sweet husband hang it for me.
Day 6 of no shopping has been a challenge... That used to be what Saturdays were made for. I went to a few different stores to pick up some gifts and I saw some really cute necklaces, flip flops, shirts, dresses and hats... but walked out with nothing for myself! Yay!!
Here are some pics of my cushions that I love and my newly made wreath!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


CAMoore said...

those pictures are hilarous!! I like the one with you and (is that Lil Kim??) Lookin hot girl!


My name is Megan... said...
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