Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 months

our angel turned three months old on the 25th. here's what the little monkey has been up to:

-- at his last doctor visit he weighed just under 11 pounds, 40th percentile.

-- his length was in the 50th percentile

-- his head in the 90th! (he is average weight and height, but evidently really smart!)

-- he still sleeps in our room, right next to our bed in his pack in play. he was in the bassinet for a while, but now we are in the bottom of the pnp. he looks like such a big boy in there :)

-- he is taking about 6 bottles/day, 6 ounces each

-- his bed time is 9:00 and he sleeps til 6 on a great day, and 4 on most ;)

-- i still swaddle him in the miracle blanket

-- he loves to play with toys and look at books. he gets REALLY frustrated with his toys sometimes and will throw them and scream at them... i think he may get his patience from his momma :)

-- he naps in his big boy bed (crib in his room) but thats about all he sees of his crib

-- he looooves a paci and can keep the thing in his mouth all night long, love the mam pacis

-- he loves the car and goes right to sleep when we take off

-- he likes to lounge at the pool, but hates the water

-- he wears 3-6 month clothing, and a size 2 dipey

-- he laughs and smiles for me and jar all of the time.. and for others if you work for it... he doesnt give those adorable smiles away for free ;)

-- he is the sweetest baby. we love him with everything we have

jess and i with our lovies at the fabulous sip n see that our mom's friends hosted for all of us

charlie, now a big 3 year old... and sweet as ever!

best buddies, ollie 4 mo, bennett 3.5 mo

his absolute favorite lovie, eeyore

he has the looooongest eyelashes! the family accuses me of

putting latisse on him.

and here is ollie on his 4 month birthday... obviously...he has HAD it

with the camera ;)

we have never laughed so hard!

all of bennetts 'aunties' are coming to town this weekend. he cant wait to get all cleaned up and flirt with all of them.. he loves a pretty girl. we hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Melissa said...

He is absolutely precious!

Mrs Chapman said...

I love your blog! Would love to know where you got his baby bedding at? Love it!

Sarah said...

Thank you guys!!
I made his bedding.. I ordered the fabric from and I bought the inserts at a local fabric store and sewed it to fit. It was a project :)